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Explanation of Fabrics to Relieve Heat

Hello, This is Kayaba, an ApparelX News editor.

Today, I would like to introduce you to a fabric that I recommend for summer.

Important aspects of fabrics for summer are breathability, moisture absorption and quick-drying, and contact area with the skin.

Linen, cotton, and rayon are the standard summer materials, but not only the material of the fabric, but also the way it is knitted and woven makes a difference in comfort.

I’m sure you’ll agree that a loosely woven fabric is cooler and more airy than a tightly woven fabric with no gaps.
Now, let’s take a look.

Moss Stitch (Pique)

Moss stitch is a type of knit fabric that combines flat knitting and tuck knitting to create unevenness.
Compared to plain knitting, it has less elasticity in the horizontal direction.

This fabric is highly breathable because of its unevenness, which reduces the contact area with the skin. Even if you sweat, you will not feel stuffy and you will feel dry and comfortable.

A typical item made of this fabric is a polo shirt. It is also ideal for sportswear and business wear in mid-summer.


By weaving with alternating stretched and relaxed warp yarns, shrinkage wrinkles are created to produce the warp stripes characteristic of seersucker.
Nowadays, these warp stripes (shrinkage wrinkles) are sometimes woven into the fabric by chemical treatment.

This fabric is uneven, so it has a small area that touches the skin and keeps the heat away, giving you a cool feeling.
Since the material is wrinkled to begin with, it is an easy-care fabric that can be worn without ironing after washing.

Because it is thin, light and breathable, it is used for summer pajamas, “jinbei” and “yukata”(which are traditional summer wear in Japan) .

In addition, their use in casual jackets and shirts has been increasing recently.

There is a fabric called ripple that is used for the same purpose as seersucker. While soccer is a fabric that uses the shrinkage rate of the yarn to create unevenness, ripple is a fabric that has been “rippled” using an alkaline solution to create unevenness.


This fabric is characterized by uneven colors. It is a type of yarn-dyed fabric that combines dyed and undyed yarns.

Some people may think it is similar to denim fabric.

In fact, both denim and chambray use colored yarns for the warp and white yarns for the weft. They look similar because they use the same yarn, but the weaving method is different.

Denim fabric is “twill weave”, but chambray is woven in “plain weave”. Since it is plain weave, the fabric is generally thinner and lighter than denim.

Chambray is suitable for tops because it is lighter and more breathable than denim. It is durable for a thin fabric and easy to care for.

Waffle Fabric

It is a weave with massively uneven surface.

It looks just like it is, but it is probably named after the candy waffle.

In Japan, it is also called ” honeycomb weaving” because of its resemblance to a beehive.

The unevenness of the fabric means that there is little surface for the skin to bond to, and the space between the yarns means that the fabric absorbs and dissipates moisture well and is breathable.

Many people think of waffle fabric as a fabric for fall and winter, but it can also be used comfortably in spring and summer.


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