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CORDURA®: Durable high function fabric that is famous all over the world.

 If you are looking for something durable with high functionality, you must be familiar with CORDURA. If you have never heard of the brand before, look around for your backpage and outdoor items! CORDURA is used in the products of popular brands such as Kelty, Kletterwerks, Jansport, and Eastpak.

CORDURA is a registered trademark from America that was founded in 1967. In 2017, they celebrated their 50th year anniversary. 

CORDURA is made of nylon 6.6 fiber yarn, and is said to be seven times more durable than ordinary nylon fabric. It also has high tear strength, so it is often used for military gear, workwear, outdoor items, and other items designed to be used in tough environments. Their amazing nylon fabric includes 16 fabric technologies that will satisfy your needs. 

  •  CORDURA® 4ever knit: Lightweight and soft fabrics for apparel products. 
  • CORDURA® Aft fabric: High-performance, breathable mesh. 
  • CORDURA® Ballistic fabric: Heavy duty performance. 
  • CORDURA® Classic: The original CORDURA® fabric with textured yarns. 
  • CORDURA® COMBAT WOOL™:Comfort and aesthetics of wool with the performance of nylon. 
  • CORDURA® DENIM: Authentic denim look and feel with enhanced performance.
  • CORDURA® ECO: CORDURA® ECO are durable fabrics made from reclaimed waste resources that have been recycled into high quality yarns. 
  • CORDURA® HP FABRIC: Best-in-class polyester performance. 
  • CORDURA® LITE: Smooth fabrics offering an optimal strength-to-weight ratio.  
  • CORDURA® LITE PLUS: Up to 2 times increased filament density compared to CORDURA® LITE. 
  • CORDURA® NATURALLE™: Technical performance with the look and feel of cotton for apparel products.
  •  CORDURA® NYCO FABRIC: Comfort of cotton with enhanced functionality. 
  • CORDURA® NYCO KNITS: Comfort of cotton with enhanced functionality. 
  • CORDURA® HI-VIS T485:High visibility fabrics for gear and apparel.
  •  CORDURA® TRUELOCK™ FABRIC: Eco-friendly fabrics with locked-in color. 
  • CORDURA® ULTRALITE FABRIC: For super lightweight durability.  


Even though the trade mark is from the USA,CORDURA was loved by Japan’s fashion & textile industry. This time, let’s talk more about CORDURA fabrics that were created by Japanese manufacturers and are available on ApparelX.

Takisada Nagoya & CORDURA® COMBAT WOOL™ 

Combat wool is a wool blend of the fabric used for the US military’s combat uniforms and was developed for the US military.  

INVISTA and Takisada Nagoya cooperated to further improve it to be supple and high quality so that it can be used for suits as regular clothes.

As a result, the fabric has excellent abrasion resistance compared to normal 100% wool fabric, but the texture is almost like 100% wool. 


CORDURA Combat Wool Ox 


Other manufacturers & CORDURA®

218 Cordura Rip from Senda

A translucent nylon rip made of 66 nylon Cordura yarn with a silicon coating on the surface for superior water resistance and stain resistance.

Number of colors: 24 colors in total 

Characteristics: Surface: silicone-coated, back: urethane-coated  

 This fabric is popular due to the recent outdoor demand. Although the fabric itself is light, it is strong, water-resistant, and stain-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor goods and travel goods. It is available in many colors, from sporty colors to calm colors such as beige glaze, so it can be used for a variety of purposes.

SB3003 CORDURA®fabric Weather Cloth from Shibaya

 This is a strong fabric due to its high density weaving. Also, since the blend of cotton is higher, it does not make a crinkling sound and is fashionable despite being waterproof.

It is recommended for casual jackets.

14264Yarn-dyed Cotton / Nylon Chino from Sunwell 

Popular fabric from Sunwell’s CORDURA series.  


When you make a product, the impression it gives to the consumer is different if it has a label to guarantee the quality of the fabric. 

 If you need a sew-in label for a CORDURA fabric you ordered from ApparelX, please contact us and we will arrange it for you. Please note that it may take up to one week to arrange.

We will ask you to fill out an application form for CORDURA sew-in labels.

 The required information is as follows:

  • Fabric Part Number Number of sheets required 
  • Label type Large (for clothing) or Small (for accessories)
  • Clothing category (casual, active, etc.) 
  • Product category (jacket, skirt, etc.) 
  • Product target gender (women’s, men’s, unisex) 
  • Brand name 
  • Manufacturer’s name 
  • Required length for one garment 
  • Location of fabric used 
  • Percentage of fabric used in the product 


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