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Outlast fabric: A fabric developed for NASA

When talking about functional fabric, we can not skip the advanced technology of Outlast, a fabric developed for NASA that is warm in the winter but cooling in the summer.

What is Outlast?

Outlast is a material developed for NASA in the United States.

It is a material that absorbs excess heat from the body and releases stored heat when it gets cold, thereby controlling the temperature at which the body feels comfortable.

Paraffin wax is a familiar material used to make candles. However, paraffin wax is also used for various other purposes, such as cooking sheets and waterproof sheets for building materials. Paraffin wax works by absorbing and dissipating heat.

In addition, since it is contained in microcapsules, it does not melt and become sticky, nor does it inhibit air permeability.

Effects of Outlast

The effect, as mentioned above, is temperature regulation. We will dig a little deeper into that.

It is said that the generally considered point of comfort is when the inside of the garment is filled with the following conditions: temperature: 32±1℃, humidity: 50±10%RH, and airflow: 25±10cm/sec.

The fabrics using Outlast have a microchip function, and thermography shows that the surface temperature of the skin is lower than that of other materials even in mid-summer under the blazing sun, and warmer even in mid-winter.

In other words, Outlast is not a cool-to-the-touch material that feels cool to the touch at first, but a temperature-regulating material that can be used in both summer and winter.

Outlast fabrics

Now, let us introduce the fabrics actually using Outlast technology

OL7335 アウトラストメッシュ裏地 東レ
OL7335 Outlast mesh lining Toray

This is a mesh fabric, and as of June 2020, it has attracted a lot of attention and is in very tight stock. OL7335 is sewed on the inside of a regular cloth mask and it works very well.

S16239 Outlast Gabardine/Herringbone

S16239 Outlast fabric contains 4% polyurethane and has a good stretch. It is suitable for winter pants and jackets. It is available in many popular colors.


Outlast fabrics can be used in our daily life, which is not so familiar with the materials developed for NASA in the U.S. that are comfortable even in harsh environments. 

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