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I Visited the Sojitsu Fashion Fabric Exhibit [VANCET]

Hi Readers!

My name is Haruna, I’ve translated a couple of my coworkers’ blogs into English before, but this is my first blog so I hope you enjoy 🙂

On Oct. 25th, 2023, I had the opportunity to go to the Sojitsu Fashion’s exhibit showcasing their new fabrics for AW24; so in this blog, I’ll be sharing with you all what I saw and learned.

Before I get into the fabric introductions, let me introduce the Sojitsu contact person for ApparelX, Mr. Yamamoto.

He joined Sojitsu earlier this year but has since been a key contact for us at ApparelX, and was the one showing us around the exhibit.

Our dept. manager, Mr. Yamayoshi (left), and Mr.Yamamoto (right) at the exhibit

The 4 Trends

Sojitsu prides itself in the four trends that they showcase their new fabrics by. They realized that by having the 4 trends, their customers are more easily able to visualize the fabrics and the end products.

Dark Romantic – washed cotton fabrics, vintage look, autumn color × Frills, denim variation

Tailor Sports – Nylon blend fabrics, line design, bold color combinations, new tailoring

Stylsh Work Laisure – Wrinkle-resistant, functional set up, all in one, lightness

Edgy Classics – Dress coat, basic with edge, sheer mix, new length balance

New Fabrics!

Here are a few of the fabric sub-brands and categories they had.


Recycled polyester with a cotton-like feel and is UV blocking. New colorways and fabrics are available so check them out on our website using the link above or here!

Here‘s a recent post about the specifics of Recottia fabrics, so please take a look! (It is in Japanese but just click the translate button on your browser to translate the entire page, its’s pretty accurate.) There’s typewriter cloth, broadcloth, twill, and more!


Naturemier is fabric made form polyester, developed to be wrinkle resistant, UV blocking, quick dry, anti-pill and has a soft touch and easy care.


Simpremier uses natural materials and offers a casual look with great texture and comfort.

Here‘s a new post about the specifics of Simpremier fabrics, so please take a look! (Again, it is in Japanese but just click the translate button on your browser to translate the entire page, its’s pretty accurate.) There’s typewriter cotton cloth, broadcloth, twill, and more!

*Solotex is a fiber created by Teijin Frontier Limited and you can read more about it here! Buy Solotex fabric here!


According to Mr.Yamamoto, they have been increasing fabrics made from recycled material or from sustainably sourced natural material, as their demand has been on the rise, particularly from sports apparel brands.

Sustainability in general has been on the rise in the fashion industry, especially in the last decade. And more and more consumers are looking to brands that use more sustainable materials.

Even more impressive than just recycled polyester, they actually have a collection called Herb Fabric which is a collection of fabric that is dyed with a combination of natural dyes and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified dyes. I, for one, am happy to see the incorporation of more sustainable methods, than recycled plastics or materials.

Other info

They also work in partnership with other manufacturers, like Komatsu (KomatsumateRe) and Chori to develop new functional fabrics.

With Komatsu, they developed fabric treated for high water repellency. They had a diagram of how the water droplet rolled off the fabric (first photo). How cool is that!


I enjoyed my time at the exhibit and thought was a great experience for me as a new employee (3 months in woohoo!). I was able to network and actually meet Mr.Yamamoto, who I had been emailing back and forth the day prior.

Sojitsu Fashion had a great visual presentation with the way they had displayed their fabric and samples. I also enjoyed seeing more sustainable methods and materials used as a consumer because that is what I look for when I am shopping.

I hope this article was informative and interesting; let me know what you think in the comments!

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