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Comparison of Two Major Snap Brands in Japan – YKKS & MORITO

Hi, This is D.Kayaba, the editor of ApparelX news.

In this article, I would like to compare the two major snap brands in Japan, YKK snap fasteners and Molito.

These two companies are Japan’s leading brands of apparel parts such as snap buttons, and I will explain the differences between them.

Outline of the Two Companies


As the name implies, it is a member of the YKK Group and manufactures and sells clothing materials such as metal snaps, buttons for jeans and plastic snaps.

The company was established by merging with SCOVILL JAPAN LTD., an American company famous for its fasteners and metal fittings.

Since they have our own factory and manufacturer’s functions, they can provide integrated services from product proposals to machine maintenance.

Aside from its high quality standards with thorough production control, the company is also trusted by many customers for its after-sales service.

MORITO CO., LTD. *English

They have been selling accessories (parts) for clothing for over 110 years since 1908.
They have factories in several affiliated companies and some manufacturer functions.

Compared to YKKS, they offer a wider range of products and new products that are in line with trends.

Today, they are an importer of imported materials in Japan, including SCOVILL of the United States, RIRI zippers of Switzerland, and COBRAX.

Although not as good as YKKS, the company also puts a lot of effort into production control, and as a Japanese brand, it is popular among foreign apparel companies.

Comparison of Two Companies

1. How to Purchase

*NOTE: This is the case in Japan. It may differ from overseas.


They sell their products to a wide range of customers, including apparel companies, factories, and wholesalers.

However, you will need to register an account with YKKS to purchase. Also, when you place an order, you need to tell them which factory you want to use. If the factory you tell is not a YKKS registered factory, they will not sell the product.

If the lot size is less than 100 units, a small lot fee and an order shipping fee will be charged.

The seemingly tedious sales approval process is a reflection of YKKS’ thorough product management awareness.


Basically, they do not sell to the apparel industry, but mainly to wholesalers and other middlemen.

In many cases, wholesalers stock standard products and frequently used parts. We are one of them.

There is no need to register your brand with Morito, so you can get your first order quickly.

We also sell hand presses, so you can make your own samples.

Hand Press NO.45

Depending on the part number, it is often possible to order products that are not in stock at the wholesaler from one unit.
However, the unit price of a sample of a product that is less than a normal lot will be much higher. (5 to 10 times)

At the End

Thank you for reading this far.

You can also purchase Morito snap buttons and other MORITO’s parts on the ApparelX website.

I have experience in selling at select shop, fitting suits, and sewing in Japan. Currently, I am enjoying working with my one-year-old daughter as she grows up.

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