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Japan top quality fashion accessories

ApparelX editor team has been getting a lot of inquiries from our readers about Japanese fashion accessories.

The first item we would like to introduce about Iris accessory series, a popular accessories brand in Japan

Basic parts (front hooks, pearls, caulk)

Pin related (kilt pins, hat pins, tuck pins, brooches, tie pins)

Others (emblems, corsages, fur, necklaces)

There are many kinds of products ranging from semi-processed products (which can be combined) to complete products.

The best part is you can also customize your own original combination.

Iris Accessories Catalog (Japanese)

Accessories (startialab.com)

What do you think about having an accessory to add a touch of style?

For more fashion trims and accessories from Iris, please visit our Iris product list.

Hi guys, this is Jane, the editor of ApparelX News. As a foreigner living in Tokyo, I hope my posts will help international readers get an overview about Japanese fashion industry as well as Japanese culture!