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YKK’s Profile -No.1 Fastener Company-

YKK is a Japanese fasteners company accounted for 45% of the market all of the world.

In 1934 they established San-es Shokai and started processing fasteners.

They renamed San-es Shokai to Yoshida Kogyo Co., Ltd. in 1945 and acquired the trademark “YKK” in 1946.

They are developing new material for bags, diapers and fashion contiuously.

By the way, YKK is an acronym for Yoshida Kogyo(Industry) Kabushikigaisha(Co.,Ltd.) established in 1945.

The YKK Group is currently operating in 71 countries and regions based on regional management based in 6 regions around the world.

The reason that many designers choose all of the world is high quality and a clear delivery date.YKK’s fasteners are difficult to break .

If you make the clothes can be used for a long while,you try to use YKK fasteners.

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