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How to choose fabric for apparel maker’s mask

Hi,I am Yoshi.My department is ApparelX.

This time, I wrote about the increasing demand for masks due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and the selection of fabrics and materials for medical gown.


You can use various fabric for a mask.Gauze is most popular but you can use kniting and woven one.

Some of the simple ones are made in a single layer or two layers, but there are cases in which they are made in three layers, so there are many different types.
For example, some masks have double gauze on the inside and the front side, and anti-virus cloth in the middle to increase functionality.


Double gauze #WG4040

Triple gauze #6350

Single gauze #1612

If you use only single gauze ,your mask is so thin.Because gauze is thin and coarse.Please use 4 layers to 6 layers.

Anti virus processed fabric

With the demand for masks this time, the fabric called Cleanse attracted attention. Cleanse is developed by Kurabo(Japan).

Cleanse processing is made from E-tak used Disinfectant used for hand washing and gargle.

Many apparel maker are trying to get Cleanse processed fabric in Japan after new coronavirus shock.
Therefore they are difficult to get.If you want them,you have to wait for 2 or 3 months.
Cleanse processed fabric #10906

Functional knitted fabric

I think that knitted fabric is almighty.They have natural stretches and softness.

Of course you can use any knitted fabric,but function is important for a mask.For example it is bacteriostatic action.

Bacteriostatic action fabric #384

This fabric has bacteriostatic action. Therefore it isn’t used for disposable but for sustainable mask.

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