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Way to elevate your snap buttons: Silk wrapped snap buttons

Last time, we did a quick introduction about snap buttons. This time, let’s talk about Silk Wrapped Snap Buttons, a great way to upgrade your buttons.

What is Silk Snap Button?

Special grade snap button.

Usually, when we think of snap buttons, we think of metal buttons like the image above, but Silk Snap is a snap button wrapped in thin fabric. They are used for coats, shirts, belt backs of pants, etc. By choosing a color that matches the fabric, these snap buttons are less noticeable.

1508 (Silk Snap)

SilkSnap was the world’s first product developed by Gondola Trading, and is available in 9 sizes and 15 colors.

Using specially developed wrapping processing equipment and reliable technology, the fabric is processed so that it will not come off under any usage environment.

1623 (Silk Slim Edge)

The left side is conventional SilkSnap and the right side is SlimEdge.
The back side is conventional SilkSnap and the front side is SlimEdge.

This is a thinner SilkSnap product that is considerably thinner than SilkSnap.

It is thinner than SilkSnap, so it does not affect the fabric and does not interfere with the design.

Even if it is used for the front, it does not echo on the surface, and there is no gap between the front and back, so it can be attached and removed smoothly.

Compared to regular SilkSnap, there are fewer sizes, but more colors.

Don’t see the color you want?

Even if there are 15 colors, there are times when there is no color that matches.

For those who are particular about color, there are two options!

Dyeing from white

Silk Snap can be dyed.

Please prepare a dyeing sample.

When dyeing, dye from white.

White is made of Cupra, so its fastness is low.

Fastness refers to the resistance to color fading when dyeing.

Please note that color transfer will occur when using a color scheme (e.g., using black dyeing on a white fabric).

Wrapping with supplied fabric

Silk Snap wrapped with SLK120

Silk Snap can also be wrapped with supplied fabric.

If you wrap it in the same fabric as the lining and outer fabric, of course the color will be perfect!

Please note that it cannot be wrapped with too thick or too thin fabric.


There are more types of snap buttons other than those introduced, we hope you can find your suitable snap button.

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