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Japanese Manufacturer you should know: Arinobe- Natural fibers fabric

In this series, we have gone through several famous Japanese manufacturers.This time, we would like to introduce some recommended fabrics from Arinobe Shoten, which is newly available at ApparelX.

About Arinobe

Arinobe Shoten produces and proposes fabrics, mainly yarn-dyed fabrics, and keeps a wide range of original textiles in stock. Arinobe warehouse located in Hyogo Prefecture. Their production is not limited to the domestic market, but also includes overseas production in India, China, and other countries, mainly using natural materials. Arinobe offers fabrics that make the most of the characteristics of the regions where they are produced.

Popular Fabrics

AN-9260 Loose Chinos with Top Yarn

AN-9260 トップ糸使用 ルーズチノ[生地] 有延商店

This fabric is a combination of cotton top yarn and linen top yarn.

The 65% cotton/35% linen gives this fabric both softness and firmness.

AN-9268 Cotton Flannel

AN-9268 コットン フランネル[生地] 有延商店

Exquisite cut raising gives this flannel a gentle, well-rounded appearance and a soft hand.

The natural texture makes it easy to use for both ladies and men, and is recommended for AW items.

AN-9236 Indigo Unsaiori 2/1 Twill

AN-9236 インディゴ 雲斎織 2/1 ツイル[生地] 有延商店
This Unsai-ori fabric is made of cheese Indigo. This product is finished with a light texture to suit denim items and related applications.
Unsaiori is a twill weave cotton fabric originated by Unsai, a native of Bizen Mimasaka (present-day Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture). It is also suitable for canvas and work clothes.

A-5070 Linen denim (Chambray)

A-5070 リネンデニム(シャンブレー)[生地] 有延商店

A linen denim fabric with a chambray weave. It is a twill material with good hand-feel and wrinkle resistance.

It can be used for a wide range of applications such as shirts and pants.

The 100% linen makes it ideal for cool denim wear for SS.

AN-9292 Soccer for jackets and set-ups

AN-9292 ジャケット・セットアップ向け サッカー[生地] 有延商店

High-weight plain soccer, suitable for SS jackets and pants. The natural washer finish gives it a gentle texture. 100% Cotton.

A-5072 100% linen stripe

A-5072 リネン100%ストライプ[生地] 有延商店

This 100% linen stripe fabric is a medium weight material with a low tone color scheme.

It has a rustic texture and is recommended for shirts and pants with natural taste.


Arinobe Shoten has many fabrics focusing on natural fibers such as cotton and linen, and yarn-dyed fabrics are also recommended.

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