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Japanese manufacturer you must know: Yoshiwa Orimono – Denim Fabrics

When it comes to Denim fabric, some of the manufacturers really stand out from others. 

This time, we would like to introduce Yoshiwa Orimono and its recommended fabrics.

About Yoshiwa Orimono

Yoshiwa Orimono is a manufacturer in the Bishu area of Okayama Prefecture that produces and sells at risk a variety of fabrics, including indigo rope-dyed denim, hickory, and other striped and checked fabrics.

The Bishu area to which Ibara City in Okayama Prefecture belongs, together with the Bingo area including Fukuyama City in Hiroshima Prefecture and the Bizen area in the eastern part of Okayama Prefecture, is known as the “Sanbi area,” where the denim industry is very active.

They also produce and sell materials for uniforms and school uniforms.

Popular Yoshiwa Orimono fabrics

YK2Y Jacquard weaving machine, Patchwork Jacquard

YK2Y 最新鋭ジャガード織機 パッチワークジャカード[生地] 吉和織物

A patchwork pattern expressed by the state-of-the-art Jacquard loom.

It is very rare to have a patchwork fabric.

Indigo dyes are used, so you can enjoy color fading and ageing just like denim.

2514B Versatile stripe

2514B 多用途ストライプ[生地] 吉和織物
This stripe fabric is available in a wide range of colors and can be used for a variety of purposes.
The atmosphere changes depending on the color of the stripes.

2020 Color-fade resistant 20/1 Chambray

2020 色落ちしにくい 20/1カラーシャンブレー[生地] 吉和織物
This is a colored chambray with a yarn count of 20/1.
The color fade resistance is convenient and easy to use.

The navy blue color is also made with regular dyestuff, which makes it difficult for the color to fade.

P2280-bicycle2 Chambray stencil print Bicycle 2

P2280-bicycle2 シャンブレー抜染プリント 自転車2[生地] 吉和織物
This is a bicycle patterned stencil print fabric with indigo chambray as the base fabric.
The bicycle pattern is unusual and cute.

The unique Indigo color is fading and changing over time.

YK177-ID-20 Latest Jacquard weaving machine, camouflage

YK177-ID-20 最新鋭ジャガード織機  迷彩[生地] 吉和織物

Camouflage jacquard is expressed by the most advanced Jacquard loom.

Indigo yarn is used in both the warp and weft. The fabric looks plain before washing, but when washed, the unevenness of the weave structure causes it to bite and swell, and the pattern emerges.


Yoshiwa Orimono has many original and unusual denim products, and is recommended for those who want to create products with designs that are unique.

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