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The Appeal of Ripstop Fabrics

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In this article, we will introduce you to the appeal of ripstop fabrics. We will also introduce the ripstop fabrics that can be purchased on ApparelX.

What is Ripstop Fabric?

Simply explained, it is a fabric with thicker fibers interwoven between thinner fibers in a lattice pattern that appears as a lattice-like weave pattern on the surface.

the surface of ripstop fabric

This lattice weave pattern has the effect of preventing the thicker fibers from further spreading the tear in the event of a hole in the fabric.

Lightweight is achieved by using extremely thin (lightweight) yarns, and tear strength is improved by weaving thicker yarns in a grid pattern.

It appears that this fabric was originally developed in the United States during World War II to improve the durability of parachutes and military uniforms.

Since it was originally used as a military material, many people may have the impression that ripstop = military wear.

Fabrics You Can Purchase

Ripstop fabrics used to be made of 100% cotton or cotton-polyester, but now there are a variety of ripstop fabrics, including stretchy fabrics, those made of wool, and those in a wide range of colors.

Here are some of the fabrics available at ApparelX.

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BY1798 COOLMAX(R) 60/2 Ripstop Stretch

The look and color of this fabric has a military taste, but it is made of Coolmax, a functional material with excellent water absorbency and quick-drying properties, as well as stretchability.

1060140 COOLDOTS Mini Ripstop

This fabric is represented as a ripstop fabric with fine vents created by a patented technology.

It is a functional material with high stretchability, high wrinkle resistance, washability, and water repellency.

A special washer processing expresses the expression of a natural lightweight finish.

912 4WAY Nylon Ripstop Stretch

This is a fabric made of nylon / polyurethane.

This material is rich in stretch and has a good mix of sports and military tastes.

10210 Ripstop

This is a standard ripstop fabric made of 100% cotton.

This is a standard fabric that is available year-round, and the variety of fabric colors is appealing.


Originally developed by the military for uniforms, Cordura(R) Combat Wool.

It can be said to be a very well-designed fabric with the elegant texture of wool but with a military feel.

This ultra-durable material combines the abrasion-resistant properties of Cordura nylon with the fine feel of wool.


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Ripstop is a material that has the function of preventing tearing, and this function is directly reflected in its appearance. However, there are many different types of ripstop.

We invite you to find the ripstop fabric that best suits your application purpose on ApparelX.

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