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Piping and bias tape: A beginner guide

When talking about decorating the edges of the clothes, we can not consider binder tape alone. This time, let’s find out about piping and bias tape, a handy trims when you want to add special details to your design. 


Piping is the process of wrapping the edges of cut fabrics with tape to prevent them from fraying.

It is used not only for functional purposes, but also for accentuation, so the color and design can completely change the impression of an outfit.

Bias tape is used by clipping fabric with tape, while piping tape is used by clipping fabric with tape.

SIC-560 シースルーパイピングテープ[リボン・テープ・コード] SHINDO
SIC-560 See-through Piping Tape from SHINDO

Piping Tape

A tape with a core sandwiched in between and sewn into seams to finish the edges. It is called piping tape or cord piping.

It is used to decorate sleeve and collar pockets and cushions, but it is not only decorative, it also reinforces fabric edges to prevent them from fraying.

There are many types, including gorgeous ones and those in pop colors, so you can find the perfect decoration.

Bias Tape

Bias means “diagonal” in English, and is tape cut at a 45-degree angle to the fold of the fabric, wrapping around the fabric edge and processing the edge so that the cut marks are not visible. It can be used for hemming garments and can also be neatly attached to curved areas due to its elasticity. Piping tape is made by sandwiching the tape between the fabric, while bias tape is made by sandwiching the fabric between the tape.

700 サテンバイアステープ(両折)[リボン・テープ・コード] アサヒバイアス(渡邉布帛工業)
700 Satin bias tape (double-fold) by Asahi


Braid in the clothing industry is a flat cord used to decorate the edges of clothing.

There are a wide variety of braids, ranging from simple braids to elaborately designed braids with metallic or pompon ornaments.

They can be attached to the sleeves or hem of jackets as decorations.

You can decorate it casually with subdued ones, or accent it with brightly colored ones.

113-1278 スパンコールブレード[リボン・テープ・コード] DARIN(ダリン)
113-1278 Sequined braid by DARIN


With such small details like braid and piping, you can change the vibe of clothings just by attaching it to a small area like a pocket. We hope you find this article helpful.

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