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See through fabrics: Chiffon, Georgette & Organdy: Things you should to know

Summer is coming and it is time when refreshing and transparent clothings is back in trend.

In this article, let go through a few popular thin transparent fabric as well as their usage. 


Chiffon is a coarse-grained, plain-weave fabric made of raw silk, which is very thin and smooth to the touch.

It has a light and fluffy feel and is often used for ladies’ wear such as skirts, dresses, and blouses.

Incidentally, the word “chiffon cake” comes from the image of a cake whose texture is fluffy like chiffon.

This material is so thin that it is transparent, and is more translucent than georgette, which will be explained later.

For this reason, it is often used over satin or other fabrics.

Its beautiful transparency and drape give an elegant impression, so it is a fabric that should be incorporated into dresses and costumes to express luxury.

Originally, this term referred to silk fabrics, but polyester and other chemical fibers are also available.

Polyester is stronger than silk and has the advantage of low cost.

SLG1000 Silk Chiffon 10 Momme

7836 75D Chiffon


Georgette is a fabric similar to chiffon.

A type of crepe fabric, it is a coarse-density plain weave made of high-twisted warp and weft yarns and treated with shrinkage, resulting in a woven fabric with a characteristic grain.

The most important difference between chiffon and georgette is the presence of a grain.

Chiffon and georgette are both thin and lightweight fabrics as well, so their most common uses are still ladies’ clothing and dresses.

Among transparent materials, georgette is slightly less transparent and has a lighter feel due to its crinkled texture.

Also, chiffon georgette refers to georgette that is thin and soft like chiffon.

3440 Chiffon Georgette 75d Lining


This plain weave fabric has a thin, elegant transparency and a bouncy texture. After weaving with high-twisted yarn, it is treated with sulfuric acid to give it transparency, bounce and luster.

In addition to being used for dresses and other items with a glamorous image, it is also used for corsages, hair accessories, and other miscellaneous goods because of its bounciness.

Chiffon is used when you want to make your clothes look fluffy, but when you want to create a voluminous or firm silhouette, we recommend organza with firmness.

3000 Silk Organdy


We hope this article gives you a better glance at seethrough fabric and help you choosing the suitable material for your summer collection. If you are interested in other types of fabric, please visit ApparelX.

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