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Japanese manufacturer you should know: Matsubara Fabric

If you are looking for stretch fabric, we are happy to announce that a large number of Matsubara products, which are known for their stretch fabrics, have been uploaded on ApparelX!

So this time let talk about Matsubara and its special features.

Introduction to Matsubara

Matsubara Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that focuses on the development of functional materials, planning and sales.

Founded in 1979, the company is headquartered in Osaka. Matsubara’s forte is stretch fabrics.

Even before stretch fabrics became such a commonplace material, the company was focusing on development.

They sell a very wide variety of stretch fabrics, and their lineup includes everything from standard to unusual stretch fabrics.

If you are looking for stretch fabrics, Matusbara is a manufacturer you should definitely pay attention to.


VISLY® is one of Matsubara’s most representative series.

It is made of rare viscose yarn and has a smooth feel like cashmere or silk.

Of course, materials like cashmere and silk are difficult to handle, but this VISLY® has both a luxurious feel and stretchability, making it possible to create items that are both relaxed and luxurious.

VISLY is quite in line with the recent trend.

Recommended Matsubara Fabrics

Let us introduce you ApparelX’s recommended fabrics from Matsubara !

AW34087 Visly Twill

This is the best-selling stretch fabric among the VISLY® series, a representative product of Matsubara.

It is made of a high blend of rare viscose yarn and has a smooth feel and luster like cashmere or silk.

Its stretchability in both lengthwise and crosswise directions makes it extremely easy to use, making it a standard item that those looking for a stretch fabric should definitely try.

ZL302840 meryl®

A tricot fabric with a soft touch.

It is made of meryl, a microfiber that dries 25% faster than cotton and has UV protection.

This fabric is thin and soft, but has a strong kickback and is ideal for those looking for a fabric that is both lightweight and stretchy.

ZL329-900 Comfort Double Knit

This is a very soft and comfortable cardboard knit.

By not using monofilaments, which used to be commonly used in cardboard knits, this fabric has both a good feel on the skin and the puffiness characteristic of cardboard knits.

This fabric is versatile for any season, but is especially recommended for relaxed wear.


This fabric is made of Asahi Kasei’s stretch material ROICA.

ROICA® is a premium stretch fiber with excellent flexibility and recovery. ROICA® is a stretch fiber based on Asahi Kasei’s polymer science. With sustainability as the pillar of our business, we design the best fit for people’s needs with advanced stretch materials backed by reliable technology and high quality.

Asahi Kasei website
As mentioned above, this stretch fiber has excellent recovery properties and maintains a comfortable fit in the finished product.
This is Matsubara standard fabrics for pants.

WD3081 Comfortable Tricot

This is another standard jersey material.

It is a blend of nylon and polyurethane.

It has sweat absorbing, quick drying and cooling properties, making it ideal for summer and sports items.

It is a versatile material that can be used for both bottoms and tops.


This is another stretch fabric with contact cooling and water-absorbing/quick-drying functions.

It is made of Toray’s nylon microfiber BODYCOOL® EX.

BODYCOOL® has a flat octagonal cross section (see photo at right), which facilitates capillary action compared to conventional regular nylon yarns and water-absorbing/quick-drying yarns, resulting in outstanding water absorbency and quick-drying properties (water absorbency is more than twice that of regular nylon yarns with a round cross section). (water absorbency is more than twice that of regular nylon yarns with a round cross section). The flat octagonal cross section provides a large surface area in contact with the skin, resulting in a cool to the touch sensation.

This is a highly recommended product with a good feel on the skin.

Matsubara specializes in stretch fabrics, so they have a rich lineup of fabrics for summer and for sports and uniforms.

WD8008 Colorful Fleece

This is a back-filled jersey fabric for fall and winter.

While being a back-fleece material, it also has a high level of stretchability that only Matsubara can offer.

It also has high heat retention properties, making it ideal for winter tops, jackets, and pants.


A double weave fabric from Matsubara’s eco-friendly material series, Relaxing Eco.

While using recycled polyester, this product has a smooth hand and high quality as a fabric.


This is a stretch fabric with linen.

It is an attractive fabric that has both the texture of linen and stretchability.

Recommended for those who want the texture of linen, but also want a relaxed feel and softness when touching the skin!


A distinctive leather-like stretch fabric.

It’s hard to tell from the picture alone, but the surface has an uneven and shiny feel, giving it the look and feel of real leather.

In recent years, many people are looking for eco-friendly leather and fake leather, but Matsubara has added stretchiness to it.

As eco-friendly leather becomes more and more commonplace, we expect to see more and more variations of leather-like items in the future, so we hope you will consider various ideas with this stretchy eco-friendly leather.


This time, we introduced Matsubara, which specializes in stretch fabrics.

The mix of luxury and relaxation is an important keyword in the recent trend, and there are many stretch fabrics in Matsubara lineup that are just perfect.

ApparelX offers many more fabrics than those introduced here, so please visit Matsubara’s Product page!

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