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Japanese manufacturer you should know: Oharaya Textile, specialized in Linen fabric


There are many fabric manufacturers in Japan, and each of them has its own specialty.

Some specialize in woolen fabrics, some in synthetic fabrics, some in yarn-dyed fabrics, and so on.

Each company’s strengths are formed by its origins and ties to the production area.

In this issue, we would like to introduce “Oharaya Textile,” a fabric manufacturer that specializes in natural fibers!

ApparelX has been featuring with Oharaya Textile since January, and we have received many inquiries about their products.

Oharaya Textile

Oharaya Textile’s Introduction

Obaraya Textile is a fabric manufacturer that plans and produces original fabrics with a focus on Made in Japan quality.

The company has a long history dating back to 1951 and is headquartered in Osaka.

You can visit their website here

Characteristics of Oharaya Textile

Obaraya Textile is characterized by its strength in natural materials such as wool and linen.

The company plans and produces such natural fabrics while taking advantage of the characteristics of each production region in Japan.

For example, they produce linen fabrics in Omi and Hamamatsu, wool in Bishu,and silk in Fujiyoshida. Oharaya produces fabrics in which each region excels.

Oharaya Textile’s Linen

Oharaya Textile specializes in natural fabrics, and in particular handles a very wide range of linen fabrics.

The company produces fabrics full of originality, including high-quality linen, ramie, and interwoven fabrics with other materials.

Of these, “JAPAN LINEN” is particularly noteworthy.

These 100% linen fabrics are produced in Japan, where weaving, dyeing, and processing are all done with the utmost care.

There are a wide variety of variations, such as pear-shaped and waffle fabrics, not to mention standard ones.

Many people may be looking for 100% linen made in Japan, so please check out Oharaya Japan Linen.

Oharaya Fabric Recommendations

Now, we would like to introduce you to some of the fabrics that ApparelX has started to carry!

Linen Fabric

OA21273 60/1 JAPAN LINEN

his is a standard fabric among the aforementioned “JAPAN LINEN” fabrics.

French linen is used as the raw material, and everything from weaving to processing is done in Japan.

It has a soft and fluffy texture with a washer finish. Hand washable.

This is a color development item number, but there is also a different item number in green (OA21271) and off-white (OA21272).

OSDC40023 -Simple JAPAN LINEN Plain fabrics

This is also a basic 40 count 100% linen fabric.

It is planned, woven, dyed, and processed in Japan. It has a soft texture due to the washer treatment.

This fabric is available in more than 50 colors.

The color variation is excellent for 100% linen fabric made in Japan.

OFC6119 Linen Recycled Wool

This is a sustainable fabric using 60/1 linen for the warp and 10/1 recycled wool for the weft.

The wool is made from recycled cotton waste from the spinning process.

The use of linen makes this fabric very attractive, with water absorbency and durability, but also with the softness and texture of wool.

It is perfect for those who want to incorporate the texture of linen into their fall and winter products.


This is a medium-white dyed Japanese linen fabric.

Medium-white dyeing is a dyeing process that suppresses dyeing to the surface only by daring not to let the dye penetrate to the core.

The white threads remain inside the fabric, giving it a vintage look, similar to the “bite” of denim.

Since this fabric is further expanded by rubbing, it is likely to be used to make products with a very distinctive atmosphere.

Wool Fabric

OFC1882 Vintage-like wool made from recycled wool

This fabric is woven from recycled wool and washed in Bishu, one of Japan’s leading woolen textile production areas.

It is a standard wool fabric in terms of both texture and color development, but it is characterized not only by its recycled wool, but also by its fluffiness due to tumbler processing.

ONA8651 2/30 Shetland Wool

This is a 100% wool combed fabric.

Wool from the Shetland Islands in northern Scotland is used.

The sheen of Shetland wool and the fact that it is also a combed fabric gives it a luxurious feel.

Ideal for jackets, coats, pants, etc.

ONA1590 Cotton wool fleece

This is a wool and cotton jersey material.

As you can see in the photos below, the front of the fabric is wool and the back is cotton.

Therefore, it is excellent that it does not tingle even when it touches bare skin.

The wool portion has a brushed finish, giving it a fluffy texture.

This fabric can be used in a variety of ways, and we look forward to seeing it in the finished product!

OFJ2032 Melton Made From Recycled Wool

Recycled wool melton fabric woven, dyed, and processed in Bishu.

The melton fabric is smooth to the touch and has high warmth retention and water repellency.

With a thickness of 450g/m2, this fabric is ideal for winter coats.

Patterned Fabric


This is a 100% linen fabric with a check pattern.

It is a traditional check pattern, but the use of linen gives it a different feel from those woven with wool.

It has warmth and freshness, and I personally would like to see jackets and set-ups using this fabric.


This herringbone fabric is made of English wool and produced in Bishu.

The calm color and soft texture make this fabric ideal for autumn and winter jackets.

If you are looking for a high quality natural herringbone fabric, this is the one for you.


What do you think about Oharaya product line?

If you are interested in Made in Japan nature material fabric, definitely check out Oharaya.

If you are looking for more Oharaya Textile fabrics, please visit ApparelX Oharaya Textile page!

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