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High-Quality Natural Fiber Fabrics for Menswear. Introducing Cosmo Textile!

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In this article, we’ll be introducing the textile manufacturer Cosmo Textile.

Cosmo Textile is often used in Men’s apparel and we are constantly updating and adding new fabrics from them on ApparelX.

We’ll be introducing some recommended fabrics below!

Cosmo Textile

Company Profile

Cosmo Textile is a wholesale company that plans, produces, and sells fabrics for apparel.

Their predecessor was founded in 1936 and is a long-established converter that has been in business for over 80 years.

They carry a wide variety of textiles, both natural and synthetic, mainly for menswear.


Cosmo Textile specializes in fabrics mainly for men’s casual wear.

Among these, we can say that we specialize in medium/thick fabrics for outerwear and bottoms, as well as natural fibers.

In particular, fabrics that are essential for work and military items, such as chino, gabar, moleskin, and ripstop, are Cosmo Textile’s standard products.

On the other hand, we are sensitive to industry trends and needs, and our lineup includes thin fabrics for tops, synthetic fabrics, and functional fabrics.

Recently, we have also developed a series called “MUSUAL” for women’s casual wear, and we have a track record of sales to a wide range of brands and apparel manufacturers, with a focus on work and military.

Recommended Fabric on ApparelX

Let’s get into the fabrics!

Standard Fabrics

BD3876 High Density Compact Chino Cloth

This is a very popular fabric on ApparelX.

The compact yarn and high density weave allows the fabric to be extremely smooth yet firm, giving it a luxurious feel.

※Compact yarn…
A yarn manufactured with less fluff on the surface. It has very little fuzz compared to regular thread, and is also strong.

It is a versatile fabric that can be used not only for bottoms but also for outerwear such as coats.

BD3644 Compact Gabardine w/ Water Repellant Finish

This is gabardine made with compact yarn.

Often used in trenchcoats.

Gabardine itself has a water resistant function, but this one uses a fluorine-free water repellent that is environmentally friendly and has a water repellent function.

It is an eco-friendly fabric that we recommend while maintaining the luster, luxury, and durability characteristic of gabardine.

BD3907 Military Back Satin w/ Uneven Yarn

This is a back satin fabric

Back satin is a fabric with the back side of regular satin fabric facing out. Therefore, it has a rough texture and a casual impression.

In particular, this fabric uses uneven yarn for the weft, giving it a rougher texture.

BD0345 High Density Compact Weather Cloth

A classic cotton weather cloth.

The densely woven fabric makes it waterproof, yet lighter than chinos or gabardine.

Recently, synthetic rainwear has become mainstream due to the outdoor boom, but rainwear made from natural fibers is also in constant demand.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have an item that dares to make use of the waterproof function of natural fibers?


BD1987 Organic Cotton 30/3 Strong Twist Drill Compression Processing

Cosmo Textile, which specializes in natural fibers, also handles many sustainable recycled materials.

This is a twill made from organic cotton.

The fabric is made of highly twisted triple thread, giving it a heavy feel.

Because it is a highly twisted yarn, there is little fuzz and it has a luxurious and elegant surface.

BC3557 7/1 Yarn Dyed Organic Cotton Kersey Premium Peach

This is also a peach skin fabric made from organic cotton.

Thick yarn is woven in a chunky and textured weave, resulting in a fabric with a very coarse texture.

It is also thick, so it is perfect for warm autumn and winter items.


This fabric is also from the “MUSUAL” series mentioned earlier.

It features a unique weave with slanted twill lines and a beautiful napping, creating a distinctive and elegant look.

Despite being made from organic cotton, it has the texture of velvet and a luxurious feel.

The fabric weight is also high, making it a great choice for weighty women’s autumn and winter items.

Functional Fabric

BD4756 Compact Yarn Organic Cotton 40 X SOLOTEX® Stretch Weather Cloth Bio Air Flow Water Repellent

As mentioned earlier, Cosmo Textile specializes in natural fibers, but they also offer a wide variety of blended and functional fabrics.

This fabric is a blend of organic cotton and Teijin’s functional fiber, SOLOTEX®.

It retains the characteristics of SOLOTEX®, such as a soft touch, stretch, and shape recovery, while also exhibiting the high density and beautiful texture that Cosmo Textile is known for.

In addition to organic cotton, SOLOTEX® is also a sustainable material, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

BY1798 Coolmax 60/2 Ripstop Stretch

This is a product made with a COOLMAX® ripstop fabric that is perfect for work and outdoor activities.

COOLMAX® excels in moisture wicking and temperature regulation, making it an ideal material for summer wear in particular.

On the other hand, it is made with 68% cotton, giving it the natural texture that Cosmo Textile is known for.

Ripstop fabrics are often made with nylon, but when cotton is the main fiber, it gives a unique look.

BD6344 Komatsu mateRe Taslan Nylon Weather Cloth

This is a weatherproof fabric made from Taslan nylon.

Taslan nylon is a type of nylon that has been treated to give it a natural-fiber-like texture.

It looks like cotton, but it is more durable and lightweight.

This fabric features Taslan nylon with Komatsu mateRe’s Dantotsu Hasso® water-repellent treatment.

It is a versatile fabric that is lightweight, durable, water-repellent, and has a natural-fiber-like appearance.


We hope you enjoyed this article. We introduced Cosmo Textile and recommended fabrics.

There are many more products that we can’t cover in this blog, so please take a look at our site ApparelX!

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