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High quality knit fabrics from Takisada Nagoya, one of Japan’s leading fabric trading companies.

Hello, this is Kayaba from the ApparelX division.

Today, as the title suggests, I would like to introduce you to Takisada Nagoya’s fabrics.

About Takisada Nagoya

Founded in 1864, it is a fabric trading company with a history of over 150 years. It is one of the leading fabric trading companies in Japan with annual sales of over 60 billion yen*. *Fiscal Year 2019

As a fabric trading company, They are engaged in a wide range of businesses, from women’s and men’s clothing fabrics to knitted fabrics, apparel products, and uniforms.

Available at ApparelX

Due to the size of the company, major apparel manufacturers are their main customers.

There are many small and medium-sized apparel companies that have found it difficult to open an account and order their fabrics due to their own size and trading volume.

There are many people who know the name but have never used the fabric.

However, you can purchase fabrics from Takisada Nagoya At ApparelX.

And there is no minimum lot size for the fabrics that can be purchased, and you can purchase from 1 meter. The minimum lot size is 1 meter.

Currently, we are uploading products of Takisada Nagoya as needed, mainly men’s clothing fabrics.

Among them, I would like to introduce knit fabrics.

Knit fabrics made from CORCORAN by Albini

1077030 ALBINI CORCORAN Fleece

Albini is so famous for its imported men’s shirt fabrics that there is no one who does not know about it. The cotton yarn “Corcoran” is imported from the world’s best long-established shirt fabric manufacturer, and knitted in Japan.

The level of interest in cut and sew fabrics made in Japan is evident in the many inquiries we receive from overseas customers at ApparelX.

The cotton yarn is from Italy, and the knitting is from Japan. Isn’t this a very appealing combination?

The gentle color of this material is also attractive, and it is made of extra-long cotton, which gives it a luxurious feel.

There are other series that use this Corcoran.

1077723 ALBINI CORCORAN 32G Jersey

This is a high gauge jersey material. There are many color variations.


This is Rib.

1077724 ALBINI CORCORAN Surf Knit

This surf knit features a knitted fabric with a three-dimensional effect.

The use of high quality yarn in this kind of slightly rugged knitting gives it a casual yet very sophisticated look.

Corcoran x Polyester

This is a functional material with improved water absorption and quick-drying properties by interweaving polyester.

It is comfortable to wear while also having the luxurious feel that only Corcoran can provide.

1077910 ALBINI CORCORAN Water-absorbing Quick Drying Deformation Pique

This one is made of deformed pique. It has a three-dimensional weave and is recommended for polo shirts.

1077912 ALBINI CORCORAN Water-absorbent Quick-drying Twill Jersey

This is a twill jersey, also made of interwoven Corcoran and polyester.

Corcoran x Cashmere

Products made from Corcoran are not only 100% cotton or cotton polyester.

There is also a Corcoran x Cashmere series that blends Corcoran with cashmere.

It has the luxurious feeling of cashmere, but the main material is cotton, so the durability as a cut and sew material is guaranteed.

It’s not a heavyweight fabric, but the cashmere in it makes it look good even when it gets old.

It is a wonderful material that makes you want to wear it for a long time.

1077035 ALBINI CORCORAN Cashmere Jersey


1077037 ALBINI CORCORAN Cashmere Fleece

1077038 ALBINI CORCORAN Cashmere RiCORCORAN Cashmere Rib 2


Takisada Nagoya’s high quality fabrics are constantly being uplaoded on ApparelX.

You can order high Quality fabrics and all of fabrics and accessories for making apparel products on ApparelX.

And Please visit the ApparelX Takisada Nagoya page.

If you are considering ordering a large lot, or would like to be contacted by a corporate representative, please visit the Okura Trading Contact page!

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