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Introduction of high quality 100% cotton original sleek (pocket lining) that have been familiar to Japanese tailors for a long time.

Hi, I’m Daisuke from ApparelX Division.

Today I’d like to introduce you to sleek (pocket lining) used for the pockets of clothing jackets.

What is sleek ?

Sleek is a fabric used for clothing pockets. You can see it easily if you look at inside of denim pockets.

Plain weave and twill weave are the most common weaves, but twill weave sleek, which is stronger than plain weave, is recommended for use as a pocket bag for jackets that often hold things.

The sleek we are introducing here is a twill weave with 118 warp and 70 weft 40 yarn count single thread, giving it a very soft and slippery texture. As you can see from the picture, it has a natural luster and is a high-grade material that is a step ahead of the rest.

Japanese High Quality Sleek 8000

This sleek is made entirely in Japan, from arranging the raw looms (about 7,000 meters per lot) to dyeing and weaving. Please take this opportunity to try this sleek.

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I have experience in selling at select shop, fitting suits, and sewing in Japan. Currently, I am enjoying working with my one-year-old daughter as she grows up.

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