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Trims and Accessories for Lingerie

We have recently received a few inquiries about trims and other materials for ladies’ undergarments and lingerie, so in this article, we would like to introduce a collection of accessories, tapes, and cords!
Please take a look at them for reference as they can be used not only for lingerie but also for garter belts, dresses, and other items.

Elastic Tape (Straps) for Lingerie

We highly recommend the SIC products as they are soft on the skin and come in a variety of colors!

SIC-EB007 Grosgrain Stretch Binder Tape

SIC-EB008 Satin Stretch Binder Tape

Satin-type elastics have a luxurious feel and are available in a wide range of colors, making them a good choice for lingerie with an elevated look and feel.

SIC-EB009 Thin Satin Stretch Binder Tape

A thinner elastic than SIC-EB008, the SIC-EB009 is perfect for when designing undergarments with a seamless look.

SIC-EB007R Recycled Polyester Grosgrain Stretch Binder

This elastic tape is made of recycled materials.

Though available in fewer colors, this is perfect for brands looking to incorporate more sustainable materials into their designs.

Recycled versions of SIC-EB008 and SIC-EB009 are also available so check them out below!

SIC-EB008R Recycled Polyester Satin Stretch Binder

SIC-EB009R Recycled Polyester Thin Satin Stretch Binder

SIC-ET002 Pleated Stretch Tape

This elastic tape has lovely pleats with a wispy feel.

It seems to go well with chiffon-type materials!

SIC-ET008 Knit Pico Stretch Tape

This tape is designed with a loop on one side.

Easy to add to casual undergarments for an added pop of a feminine feature.

SIC-5061 Metallic Stretch Binder (Gold)

SIC-5517 Frill Stretch

Due to the knit structure, this ruffled stretch tape is soft in stretch and gives off a warm feel.

Rings and Sliders

Next up are the accessories, such as the rings and sliders, often used in bra straps.

The look and feel of a finished product can vary greatly depending on the color of the metal fittings.

The white, black, silver, and gold rings and sliders are the main types but as an option, the WH white can be dyed to match the color of the elastic tapes and create a sense of unity.
Please note that some black-and-white color products are made-to-order.


MRC10 Round Can 10mm ※Needle Detector Compatible

This ring can be used for a wide range of accessories as well as straps for dresses and undergarments.

Available in black/silver/gold/white.

MRC08 (round can 8mm) is also available as a related product.

Slider/Strap Adjuster

MEC10 Bra Strap Adjuster 10mm ※Needle Detector Compatible

The slider allows for strap length adjustment, such as in bras.

If the overlapping tape is too thick, or if the slider is the wrong size for the tape width, it will be too tight or too loose, so it is best to try it on a sample first.


MZC10 Z-can 10mm ※Needle Detector Compatible

When used in lingerie or undergarments, a Z-can is used in place of the part, usually a ring, that connects the straps to the main band or apex of the bra to make it removable. Often used for straps for tube tops.

If a Z-can is used only on the back, the wearer is able to adjust from standard straight straps to crisscross straps, which is useful when wearing racerback tops.

Other Trims and Accessories

In this last part of the article, we’ll introduce some other accessories that can be a great addition on ladies’ lingerie!

7638 Basic Tie

8803 Tie Ribbon

A ribbon motif with a string knot.
The ribbon is already in the form of a ribbon, so it can be sewn in immediately.

SBC4243 Flower Motif Metal Button

Design-oriented metal button. This type can detect iron sewing machine needle breakage of 4 mm or more.

Also available in black and silver.

SBC4260 Crystal Stone Button

Glittering stone buttons.

For more gorgeous parts recommended for tops decoration, please visit our crystal stone buttons page!


We hope this article was informative and interesting; let us know what you think in the comments!

There are many more products that we can’t cover in this blog, so please take a look at our site ApparelX!

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