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Adorable Lawn Fabric from HOKKOH

We’ll be introducing adorable fabrics from the new manufacturer, HOKKOH!

What is HOKKOH?

They have a wide range of products; boasting over 1,000 different product numbers in their printed fabric collection. Their appeal lies not only in their print designs but also in their dedication and focus on materials, processing, and more.

Fabric Recommendations

4024-660-3 60 Lawn

4024-660-2 60 Lawn

The gentle watercolor-style floral prints complements the softness of the lawn fabric perfectly.

DP-4420-4 22fabric

DP-4855-2 22fabric

It’s a cotton-linen fabric printed with adorable flowers and animals.

Personally, it’s a print fabric that perfectly embodies the unique charm of HOKKOH.

Embroidered Fabric Recommendations

Fabric with detailed embroidery also do well in women’s apparel.

4022-1841-1 Lawn Embroidery

Embroidery fabrics with a gentle floral pattern make for the perfect choice for feminine items, don’t you think?

4022-1840-1 Lawn Embroidery

We also recommend using the simple yet bold embroidery fabrics for certain parts, like blouse sleeves.

304-1919-1 Chiffon Embroidery


HOKKOH fabrics would be great for spring/summer designs with their adorable detailed patterns.

We hope this article was informative and interesting; let us know what you think in the comments!

There are many more products that we can’t cover in this blog, so please take a look at our site ApparelX!

If you are considering ordering in large lots or would like to have a corporate representative contact you, please visit the Okura Trading Contact page!

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