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Sustainable Fabric: Recycled Polyester x Cotton

Sustainable products are not only helping the environment, but also in very high demand.

Among other sustainable materials, recycled polyester has been gaining more attention in recent years.

Recycled polyester has been around for many years, but when it first appeared, it attracted only temporary attention due to high costs, quality issues, and other factors.In recent years, recycled polyester quality has improved and it is becoming more affordable.

This time, let’s walk through an eco-friendly fabric from recycled polyester and cotton material.

Recycled PE/C Core Series

This series of polyester cotton fabrics is made of recycled polyester. The core yarn is made of recycled polyester filaments and is surrounded by cotton yarns.

This core yarn is more durable than 100% cotton yarn, and the cotton yarn covering the core yarn gives the fabric a more natural feel.

First of all, the use of recycled raw materials and the fact that the clothes themselves are more durable and can be worn for a longer period of time are eco-friendly.

8681 20s Twill

Twill fabric with moderate sheen and could be used for work- or military-style clothing.

8682 20s Poplin

Poplin fabric with chambray book color and calm coloring. The combination of such a crisp coloring and trendy

8683 30/// x 14s Oxford

Oxford fabric with an unique shine of the polyester blend oxfords is moderate and soft to the touch.


Environmental issues in the fashion industry include raw material issues, manufacturing process issues, and disposal issues, among others. It may be shortsighted to say that using recycled materials for materials is eco-friendly, but  the use of such eco-friendly materials can provide an opportunity to commit to environmental issues.

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