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Double sliders for zipper: A guide to YKK zippers

If you are new to YKK zippers but want to order zippers with two sliders, it can be a challenge when you do not know how to order them or do not understand the difference between them.

This time, let’s walk through different types of YKK zipper and slider that are 2 ways and have 2 sliders!

YKK double zippers 

Two-Way Open zipper

Two-way open zippers are reversed-opening zippers can be separated into left and right, and can also be opened and closed at the top and bottom.

In the photo, “MR” is for right side insertion and “ML” is for left side insertion.

With Two-way open zippers, non-locked sliders are not attachable .

Closed End zipper with double sliders: Head alignment

The head alignment double slider is a zipper with the base being a closed end zipper, and is called “Head Alignment” because the heads of the two sliders are facing each other.

3. Closed End zipper with double slider Bottom Alignment 

It is called a “Bottom joint” because the bottom of the two sliders face each other. This type of zipper is also based on the closed end zipper.

YKK Double sliders

Double Pull Slider 

DW is a double-sided free slider.

The puller is attached on both sides, so it can be opened and closed by holding the puller from either the front or the back.

Reversible Slider 

DU is an automatic rotating slider.

One puller can move along the rotating rail. Reversible type that can be opened and closed from either side.

Double-sided automatic lock slider.

Both sides have pulls, and the slider can be opened and closed from either side.


We hope you have a better glance about double zippers. 

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