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Sustainable Buttons: BIO UREA BUTTON

Today, let’s delve into IRIS’s line of sustainable buttons! In our previous article, we highlighted IRIS’s innovative biomass buttons crafted from eco-friendly materials. These buttons, known as the Iris New Biomass Buttons, are composed of sustainable elements.

The Environmental Cycle of Biomass Plastics

Biomass, a renewable resource derived from plants, captures carbon dioxide (CO2) through photosynthesis as it grows. This remarkable “carbon neutral” characteristic contributes to mitigating global warming and fostering a recycling-oriented society.

Now, we are thrilled to present: the “BIO UREA” product line. These buttons utilize biomass plastics, embodying our commitment to sustainability.





Faux Buffalo button

Sizes: 25mm, 23mm, 20mm, 18mm, 15mm

Colors: 9 available options

Derived from plants (approximately 23.4%): This product is crafted using the extract from sugarcane, ensuring its organic origin. By utilizing squeezed lees from sugarcane, we have developed an environmentally friendly button that aids in the preservation of limited petroleum-based resources.

There are even engraving and toasting option for these buttons!


While it remains a complex issue, we must take the initiative to drive change for a better future. It has been approximately 10 months since we first introduced biomass, and through our blog, we have put forth numerous sustainable proposals. Undoubtedly, the significance of biomass will continue to grow in the years to come. We are dedicated to sharing informative content on ApparelX News, so we invite you to explore and discover for yourself!

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