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Experience the ultimate combination of style and functionality with Weather Proof fabric

As we approach July, anticipation builds for the summer ahead. The popularity of outdoor activities continues to thrive, and even luxurious fashion brands embrace the casual trend. To cater to these evolving preferences, we proudly present a new variant of our recommended fabrics—a cotton-like version of the highly sought-after material! Experience the ultimate combination of style and functionality with fabric’s remarkable waterproof, windproof, and moisture-permeable properties,perfect for both urban fashion and outdoor adventures.

[N904]—The Light Shell Weatherproof Taffeta

This remarkable fabric boasts a cotton-like texture and features a three-layer construction. The lightweight taslan taffeta base, combined with a special urethane breathable film, forms a formidable barrier against rain and cold while ensuring your comfort.

The Hybrid Construction with Three Layers

Summer outerwear often faces challenges like heat buildup and humidity, despite the need for high-density and water repellency. However, [N904] overcomes this obstacle by incorporating a special moisture-permeable film into its laminated structure. The result is a fabric that efficiently manages moisture, making it suitable not only for outdoor and sporty wear but also for everyday casual outerwear. Plus, it offers excellent UV protection for your convenience.

Vibrant Colors are also avaible!

[N904] is available in a wide range of vivid colors, allowing you to express your personal style while enjoying the fabric’s exceptional performance.

Product Details:

  • Standard Size: 140cm x 50m
  • Composition: Outer – 100% nylon, Inner – 100% nylon
  • Water Pressure Resistance: more than 20,000mm
  • Moisture permeability : more than 18,000g/m2 / 24h


Get ready to redefine your summer wardrobe with [N904], the fabric that seamlessly blends style, comfort, and durability. Embrace the outdoors with confidence and make a fashion statement wherever you go!

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