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Premium Textile Japan (PTJ) Convention – Tokyo, Japan

Hello readers!

It’s Haruna, back with another exhibition blog. I was given the opportunity to attend Day 2 of the Premium Textile Japan (PTJ) convention so let me share with you all what I learned and saw this time.

There were many booths and it seemed like everyone was pushing for and showing off their sustainable materials so that was interesting to see. I won’t go into the details of all the companies that we visited but here are the 3 main supplier/manufacturers.

*I will have links on each heading so you can go straight to their page to look at the products we have on ApparelX, so check it out if you're interested! (all links open new tabs)

First stop!

Shibaya Co., Ltd

They are a textile/fabric manufacturer with a focus on casual feel, so cotton and linen are the main materials used in many of their fabrics.

Their well decorated booth with vintage themes, sustainable dyes (GOT certified and herb dye), and recycled wool, attracted many people. Vintage was the main theme at this exhibit so they had lots of khaki, muted neutral colors on display.

Uni Textile Co., Ltd

They are a textile/fabric manufacturer that focuses more on Japanese traditions and techniques.

Their popular fabric right now is their Stretch Seersucker (last photo). This is perfect for SS24 so check it out!

Follow the links below for the different versions that we have to offer on ApparelX. (We’re looking to expand their offered prints on ApparelX, so check back later for an update!)

The first 3 photos in the gallery are part of their made-to-order processing and we currently don’t have them up on our site, but we’re looking into adding more made-to-order products so if you’re interested in any of the below (Quilting, shrink finish, flock printed organza etc.) from Uni Textile, let us know or check back later for updates!

KKW2070-W is a lightweight 100% wool fabric that we are also looking into adding, makes a very cute coat. KKW2060-W is also a lightweight fabric but it is 90% wool and 10% polyester. Anyone interested?

Shindo Co., Ltd

Shindo is a tape manufacturer, so they have everything from elastics and ropes to ribbons and lace!

Their big idea this time was promoting their sustainably made new products, which we have separated as a 2023 NEW COLLECTION on our site so check it out here! Starting in January 2024, as part of their SDGs initiative, all products will switch to the recycled polyester version as the original inventory sells out.

The Mechanical Stretch series is pretty interesting, its 100% polyester but is as stretchy as if it had polyurethane in it. Due to the material, it is a strong tape with stretch technology that can last longer than normal elastic tapes.

Knit cord made from recycled polyester is another long-lasting one, perfect for hoodie straps and shoes laces. it holds its ties very well and won’t come undone.


PTJ was another great learning and networking experience for me. There were many manufacturers to see and learn about and it was really interesting to see many of them working hard towards sustainability. The future of fashion industry is truly heading in the direction of sustainability so please check out what we have to offer on Apparel X!

There are many more products that I can’t cover in this blog, so please take a look at our site ApparelX!

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