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Elastic: Beginner’s guide(Part II)

There are many types of elastic used for the waist and cuffs of clothes.

There are various uses for elastic, such as putting it inside clothes or showing it on the front.

In this article, we would like to introduce how to choose the right elastic for such uses and purposes.

In Part I, we have talked about elastic cord, so this time, let’s discuss flat elastic together!

Knitted Elastic

Braided elastic is an elastic made by knitting warp threads on a warp knitting machine. When braided elastic is pulled, it appears transparent like gauze, and is characterized by its thinness and high breathability. It also has the advantage of being quick-drying compared to other types of elastic.

B083 MHゴム(30m) 500 BRAIDS & WEBBING
B083 MH elastic (30m) 500 BRAIDS & WEBBING
Coarse and soft, suitable for innerwear and summer wear.

Braided elastic

Braided elastic is produced by assembling threads on a lacing machine.

While other flat elastic sizes are denoted in MM, call elastic is denoted in 4-call or 6-call if the number of strands of elastic used is 4. The width varies depending on the thickness of the elastic used, so even if the same 4-calls are made by different manufacturers, the width may be different.

B101 ライクラ ソフト[ゴム] 500 BRAIDS & WEBBING

B101 Lycra Soft [elastic] 500 BRAIDS & WEBBING

You can see this article: Braided Elastic: How to select the right one for your design for more detailed information about braided elastic.

What is a well-designed flat elastic?

So far we have mainly introduced elastic to be put inside clothes, but are there also highly decorative elastics .What kind of elastic can be used for waist belts? Let’s find out together!

SIC-5556 ウエストストレッチテープ[リボン・テープ・コード] SHINDO
SIC-5556 Waist Stretch Tape SHINDO
Its moderate thickness and elegant glossy luster make it perfect for waist belts.
SIC-5557 ラメウエストストレッチテープ[リボン・テープ・コード] SHINDO
SIC-5557 Lame waist stretch tape SHINDO
Lame threads are interwoven between the elastic, making this elastic tape sparkly and decorative.
2095-PU サテン ストレッチ ベルト[リボン・テープ・コード] ROSE BRAND(丸進)
2095-PU Satin Stretch Belt [Ribbon, Tape, Cord] ROSE BRAND
2096-PU Grosgrain Stretch Belt
This tape is perfect for elegant satin luster type and grosgrain type waist belts.


You often see “Lycra used” written on some of the elastic band. LYCRA is a synthetic fiber classified as polyurethane developed by Toray Industries, Inc.

LYCRA® fiber is “a synthetic fiber that is as thin and transparent as spider silk and has excellent elasticity, stretching up to 4 to 7 times its original length when pulled, and quickly returning to its original length when the force is relaxed. (From Toray Operontex Co., Ltd. website)

Some of the advantages of LYCRA elastic are

  • Fewer thread breaks during sewing
  • Resistant to deterioration even after dry cleaning
  • Less shrinkage even when washed or left in nature due to its special finish.
  • The special finish reduces shrinkage even when washed or left in the natural environment.

It is recommended to iron Lycra at 120℃ or less as chlorine bleach may deteriorate the elastic.


In this article, we have introduced the classification of elastics and the applications suitable for each type of elastic.

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