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Tricot, a woven-like knit fabric -For innerwear and sportswear

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This time, we will talk about Kawada Knit Tricot.

What is Tricot?

First of all, knitwear is classified into weft and warp knitting.

Warp knitting is a type of knitting fabric created by forming continuous loops in the warp direction, and tricot is one of them.

A variety of tricot fabrics are created depending on the structure, yarn use, and density of the knitting.

Tricot knitting fabric types

Tricot fabrics can be divided into three basic types.

Denby knitting

cord knitting

atlas knitting

As you can see, the texture of the same warp changes depending on the knitting method.

Features of Tricot

Tricot is a knit fabric, but it is as firm as a weave.

Therefore, the advantages of knitwear are retained, while the disadvantages, such as difficulty in handling, are covered.

  1. Excellent elasticity
  2. Good shape stability, little change in shape after washing
  3. The texture is soft and the fit is excellent
  4. Wrinkle and crease resistant
  5. Breathable due to its porous structure.

With so many advantages, tricot can be used in a variety of ways.

Uses of Tricot

Tricot, with its excellent elasticity, shape stability, and various functions, is expanding the possibilities of various apparel products.


Tricot with good texture in addition to stretch and shape stability.

In addition, by using yarns with effects such as heat retention, water absorption, quick-drying, antibacterial, and deodorant, it is possible to develop products that meet a wide range of needs.

Sportswear and fitness wear

Tricot is a highly stretchable material that conforms to the body and is widely used in sportswear and fitness wear.

The tricot fabric is notable for its water-absorbing, quick-drying, antibacterial, and deodorant functions, as well as its warm or cool feeling .

Of course, tricot is also used in outerwear such as jackets, bottoms, and skirts for everyday use.

The use of tricot fabric improves the comfort of the product with its design.

The shape stability allows garments to be used carefully and for a long time, making them ideal for outerwear.

Tricot can change its texture, feel, pattern, and unevenness depending on its structure, yarn use, and knitting density, making it possible to create fabrics that match the latest trends.



TRINOCOOL® is a new kind of functional material with a pleasant texture, silky luster, and excellent water supply and quick-drying properties.

The material is a combination of specially cross-sectioned polyester and chlorine-resistant polyurethane fibers, and has a stretch function, making it ideal for swimwear and other sportswear.



This material is a combination of special cross-sectional polyester and deodorant polyurethane fibers.

In addition to its high functionality, its supple and gentle texture makes it suitable for a wide range of uses, from inner wear to sports and materials.



A highly functional stretch fabric combining Toray’s special cross-sectional polyester and Asahi Kasei’s full-dull type of premium stretch fiber “LOIKA”.

This is a material that adds anti-transparency performance to TRINOCOOL®, and has a wider range of applications.

*Image and text reference source: Kawada Knitwear Co.

At the end

Tricot, with its high performance and easy handling, has a wide range of applications.

I’m sure it will continue to evolve depending on the combination of structure, yarn use, and knitting density.

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