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Beginner guide: Snap buttons

Snap button is a standard item that is not the mainstay of the apparel industry, but when talking about buttons, we can not forget snap buttons.

What is a snap button?

It is a sew-on button that is widely used for pants hems, dress collars, and even accessories.

Even those who are not familiar with clothing may have seen them at least once.

Of course, there is more than one kind of snap button.

Let’s walk through all of the popular snap buttons, shall we?

Special Grade Snap Buttons

This is the most standard metal snap button.

A wide range of sizes are available, from 5mm to 35mm, so you can choose your appropriate size.

There are also a wide variety of colors, up to 5 colors, although some colors are not available depending on the size.

Black is BN, which is a shiny black nickel while true black is a matte black color without gloss. 

1622 Coin Snap

This is for those who are no longer satisfied with just standard special grade snap buttons.

It is thin yet has excellent design and a sense of luxury.


For those who do not want to be conspicuous and do not want their design to blend in with the design of their clothes, we recommend SilkSnap.

SLKSNAP is a snap button wrapped in a thin fabric. They are used on coats, shirts, belt backs of pants, etc. By choosing a color that matches the fabric, these snap buttons are less noticeable.

SF100N Prim Snap

If you are looking for a versatile and inconspicuous snap, transparent colors also available. 

However, you may feel that the use of transparent snaps on black or dark colors would make them stand out.


There are more types of snap buttons other than those introduced, we hope you can find your suitable snap button.

For more information about snap buttons and buttons in general, please visit ApparelX Button product page.

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