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Polyester high-density taffeta, why it is very popular in Japan

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This time we would like to introduce a high-density taffeta fabric (lining) that is very popular in Japan!

One of the reasons for the popularity of this lining in Japan is the recent expansion of demand for outdoor activities (athleisure) and sports. Against this backdrop, apparel makers have seen a rapid increase in the use of high-density taffeta with an outdoor taste and high functionality, and the production background has not been able to keep up.

ApparelX offers a wide range of variations of this high-density taffeta fabric (lining). From outer fabrics to lining fabrics… we have a lineup that we can recommend for men, women, and kids!

If you’re thinking about using it, check it out!

What is high-density taffeta?

Simply put, it is a plain weave that is more densely woven and thinner than the common plain weave.

The most popular basic taffeta fabric has a warp yarn density of 190 threads per inch, which makes it easy to use in terms of cost. However, there are of course some disadvantages, such as relatively low strength and a slightly rough feel to the touch.

For high-density taffeta fabrics, the thickness of the yarn is also a factor, and is defined not only by the number of threads per inch, but also by the yarn count. The thicker the yarn, the more difficult it is to weave, and the higher the cost.

The high density of the weave makes it highly water repellent and durable, making it a useful fabric (lining) in fields such as outdoor activities and sports.

Today we will focus on high-density taffeta woven with polyester material and introduce our products!

[W6680 50D high-density taffeta] Great classic!

It will be the standard 50 denier polyester high-density taffeta from ApparelX.

It is easy to use and can be used for a wide range of applications, from the outer layer of lightweight woven fabrics such as windbreakers to the lining of voluminous down jackets, as well as uniforms (gowns, etc.) because of its high water repellency.

Material: 100% polyester

Spec: 150cm x 50m random

Color : 76 colors (+PFD)

Yarn count: 50 x 50d

Density: 164 x 110

Weight : 65g/m2

W4480 Lightweight soft 30D high-density taffeta

This fabric is thinner and has a softer texture than the above-mentioned “W6680”.

The warp yarn is made of 30D/72F ultra-high multi-fiber yarn, which is not only lightweight but also has powder touch softness. It is also water-repellent, and its high-density weave design and silky finish have achieved an initial air permeability of 1.1 CC/c㎡/SEC or less. Demand for thin high-density taffeta has been increasing in recent years, and it has become as popular as “W6680”!

Material: 100% polyester

Spec: 148cm x 50m random

Color : 30 colors (+PFD)

Yarn count : 30 x 30d

Density : 154 x 148

Weight: 44g/m2

W7780 Durable, water-repellent 75D high-density taffeta

This one is made of 75D yarn, the thickest count among polyester high-density taffeta, and is often used as an outer fabric.

Popular mainly for use in spring coats! The use of high multi woolly yarn gives it a supple texture despite its fleshiness. It has durable water repellency and is a non-coating waterproof and permeable material.

Material : 100% polyester

Spec: 148cm x 50m random

Color: 20 colors (+PFD)

Yarn count: 75 x 75d

Density: 173 x 100

Weight: 105g/m2

W5580 Natural Stretch 50D/144F Micro Taffeta

This is a high-density taffeta with natural stretchiness in the horizontal direction by utilizing special processing and the elasticity of the yarn.

Although it is the same 50D as W6680…we use 50D/144F microfiber, which expresses suppleness and elegant texture. It’s softness stands out, making it suitable for women’s wear, kids’ wear, etc.! The matte texture of the woolly yarn is also well received by men.

Material: 100% polyester

Spec : 148cm × 50m random

Color : 20 (+PFD)

Yarn count : 50 x 50d

Density: 145 x 129

Weight: 76g/m2

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We have introduced some of the most popular taffeta fabrics in Japan. Please visit ApparelX to see a variety of taffeta fabrics.

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