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YKK’s sliders: Basic knowledge for beginners

There are a lot of decisions to make when deciding on zipper specifications, but choosing the right slider is important in selecting a zipper because the choice of slider can change the design of the product. Choosing a wrong pull tab can delay the overall lead time, so we need to be careful.

So, what is the first thing to consider when choosing a zipper?

  • Type of zipper 
  • Tape color that matches the fabric
  • Teeth size
  • Teeth color
  • Length
  • Slider

There are various factors to consider. In this article, let’s walk through a list of must-know knowledge to consider when selecting a slider.

What happens if you choose the wrong slider?

When selecting a zipper, you can arrange the zipper by specifying the zipper type, the color of the teeth (element color), the size, and the tape color.

You can arrange a zipper without specifying the slider. If you do not specify the slider, a general standard slider called “DA” will be attached.

DA for coils zipper 

A single slider can change the look of an outfit. It is also important to match the slider with the design of the clothing.

However, deciding on such slider selection based on design alone can lead to problems. In the worst case scenario, you may have to re-sew the sliders, which will damage your brand image and cost you a lot of money.

Basics of slider selection: Understanding YKK slider code

Understanding what the letter code standing for can be very useful.

 In most cases, the first letter is “D”. This indicates the material of the slider, and “D” is a zinc alloy material.

The second letter is often “A”, “F”, or “N”. These three letters are often used in the same design, but if you get them wrong, you can have a problem.

A Automatic Lock

Automatic locks are automatically locked by removing your hand from the pull, and unlocked by pulling on the pull.

Automatic lock type sliders are mainly used on clothing and are used on the fronts of blousons, pants, skirts, etc., because the slider does not drop by itself when the user speaks the slider.

F Non-Lock

Non-locking sliders aremsliders that do not have a locking action no matter where the puller is located on the body.

Non-Lock, also known as “free slider,” is a slider that is often used mainly for bags. Bags, for example, are often opened by pulling with both ends of the element.

However, when this is used for pants, skirts, or the fronts of blousons, it can be frightening. It is still fine for blouson fronts, but pants and skirts will open on their own…

This is exactly the kind of clothing that will open all the way up the zipper, so please don’t choose this when making clothes.

N Notch Lock

Notch locks are a notch attached to the body shoulder opening, and locks when opened so that the chain touches the shoulder opening.

The notch lock is a slider that has a notch at the part of the body where the chain hits the body, and if the item inside is panned, it locks to prevent it from opening by itself. This type of slider is mainly used for wallets. Please do not choose this type of slider for ordinary clothing, as it will open on its own.


YKK zippers are  complicated because there are many options you have to choose from…. But if you get the functional part wrong, it can be really difficult. When ordering zippers, it is easier if you tell the seller what you intend to use the zipper for.

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