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YKK zippers guide part 2: Things to note before ordering YKK zippers

Metal zipper is a generic term for zippers whose elements are made of metal.

Metal zippers are used in a variety of places, including the fronts of clothing, jeans, pocket areas, and small items such as bags and pouches.

However there are so many different types of metal zippers that it can be hard to know which one to choose.

Don’t worry because there are various tips on how to choose a metal zipper depending on its intention, the style, and your budget. You can also check out Part I to find out different type of YKK metal zippers that available on the market: A guide to Japanese Zippers Part I: Different types of YKK metal zippers

In part II, let’s go to everything you need to keep in mind before actually placing a zipper order. 

How to order zippers

Now that you know the types of metal zippers, it is time to place an order.

When placing an order, you only need to specify the type of metal zipper, element color, tape color, and length.

However, it is a hassle to tell them each and every time, isn’t it?

In such cases, there is a code for each product, so you can just specify it.

For example, with the standard metal zipper,  let’s say you want to order a closed end zipper with teeth size 3, color gold, with black tape.

Teeth size variation

The size of the teeth is first attached to the head of the code.

Element color variation

Next is the color of the element.
In this case, it is gold, so it will be MG.
A side note: The above table shows that only size 5 cords have an R at the head of the cord.
This is because size 5 has a rounded element. The reason for the roundness is that size 5 is a commonly used size, so it has been improved for better sliding.

Zipper type

The last part is the zipper type

In this case, it is a closed end  zipper, so there is a C for close at the end.

In the case of an open end zipper, OR will be added for right insertion, and OL for left insertion.

Finally, decide the tape color. Black is color 580.

Please refer to the YKK color card to determine the tape color.

Now everything is finalized! For a closed end, gold,size 3 teeth with black tape, the zipper code is 3MGC color 580.

The explanation is long but it is easy once you understand all the code. 

If you don’t know how to ask for something, just specify the product name or the color and you will be fine.We recommend checking the YKK zipper catalog to see more details.

*** Please note that Japan YKK catalog and Global YKK catalog are slightly different. 

Zipper code list for different type of zipper

Below is a list of other metal zipper cords. Please refer to them when you place your order.

Yzip for Jeans

Yzip Aluminum




Metal zippers are quite profound in terms of their types and usage. If you change the slider, you can make more original zippers with different styles.

We hope you have a better glance about YKK zipper in general. We also strongly suggest you take a look at YKK Zipper English Catalog.

Also, don’t forget to vist our YKK product list for more information about YKK zippers.

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