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Spring Hook: What you need to know

Small details can change the vibe of a garment. This time, let’s discuss hook and eye fasteners, shall we. 

The design of hooks

A hook set made up of hook and eye.

The hook is called “Male” and the eye is called “Female”.

Spring Hook

SP Hook

You may often see them on skirts and dresses above the zipper.

The ease of closing a zipper changes considerably between with and without these hooks.

There are several sizes available, so you can choose the size that best suits your needs.

It is also nice that they are compatible with needle detectors.

Sold in dozens (12 sets).

The difference in size looks like this with size 0 from the top.

Lock Hook

Spring Hook on the left, Lock Hook on the right

Lock hooks are spring  hooks with a stopper.

The inside part of the hook sticks out, so it is harder to come off than a normal spring hook.

Big size hook

W-TB6 Tombi Hook

This is a larger hook than the spring hook and is easier to attach and use.

It can be used for thicker jackets and coats.

Masashi Hook

This is a hook that is wrapped around the body.

It is not shiny, so it blends easily with clothes.

The overall size of the hook is large, so it is recommended for thick jackets.

The #99 is for dyeing and can be dyed to match the fabric.

If you are looking for Masashi hooks, click here.

M711 Gaho hook, normal type, large

M511S Gaho hook, stopper type, large


The stopper type of MASA HOOK is shaped like a concave shape.

Stylish hook

For those who are not satisfied with a simple hook, GAFFORELLI hooks are recommended.

GAFFORELLI is an Italian manufacturer that has been making high-quality accessories for over 30 years.

Many of their hooks have unique shapes, so they’re sure to decorate your outfits!

P3594 Rhinestone spring hook

This spring hook is recommended for accents with sparkling rhinestones.

P0982 Square hole hook-2

This hook has a square shape.

If you are interested in GAFFORELLI products, click here!


We hope you have a better glance about hooks in general.

There are many types of hooks out there and one of them will suit your design.

For more information about hooks, please take a look at ApparelX Hooks and Eyes product list.

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