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Sports and outdoor wear: Mixed color cords

Among tapes and cords, mixed cords with two or more colors and reflective materials are perfect for elevating your clothes and easily adding a sports or outdoor wear touch to them.

This time, let’s go through those mixed color cords.

MK525 mixed braid

This is a standard mixed-color cord. It is available in a wide variety of colors, so it is easy to use for products with multiple color numbers.

NYZL-50 nylon twine cord 5MM

This is a 100% nylon, zile-like cord with a full outdoor look. Choose from 40 colors of Korudon “nylon cord” and special order colors  are also available.

QR-400G Polyester 4-point pattern cord 4MM

Sporty polyester round cord with colorful dots and a Lillian core. Korudon “polyester cord” offers 90 colors to choose from, custom colors are also available.

SIC-8713 Retro Reflective cord (round)

100% polyester round cord with built-in reflective material. Ideal for projects utilizing safety and visual effects (sports, outdoor, kids, backpacks, shoes, etc.).

SIC-3142 Retroreflective Stretch Cord

This product incorporates retro reflective elements into a hard type stretch cord (round rubber). Ideal for projects (sports, outdoor, kids, backpacks, shoes, etc.) that take advantage of safety and visual effects.

KNP-01R(M) Deer pattern cord 4MM

This cord has a unique “fawn pattern” unique to braided cords. Choose from 90 colors of Korudon “polyester cords”, and special order colors are also available.

* Custom-made colors can be ordered from a minimum quantity of 300m/color. 



It is easy to search for products in a single color, but  it would be difficult to find a hit in a search for a mixed code like those one above. Mixed color cords are not only available from round cords, but also flat cords and elastics cords.

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