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Fuji Kinbai®, a leading Japanese canvas manufacturer

Hello, this is Kayaba from the ApparelX division.

Today, I would like to introduce you to Fuji Kinbai®, a Japanese canvas.

What is Fuji Kinbai®?

This is the Japanese canvas brand of Kawashima Shoji.

Kawashima Shoji was originally founded as a trading company specializing in fishery materials, and is now developing its textile business as a general textile trading company.

Since 1948, Fuji Kinbai®, as a leading Japanese canvas brand, has been providing stable materials and quality while adhering to the tradition of “JAPAN MADE”.

Today, Fuji Kinbai® produces textiles that transcend the boundaries of materials under the name “Made by Fuji Kinbai®” by gathering carefully selected materials not only from Japan but also from all over the world, while cherishing the JAPAN quality cultivated over many years in cotton canvas.
Fuji Kinbai® will continue to provide textiles that will please everyone, valuing the bond with nature.


What’s so great about Fuji Kinbai?

Fuji Kinbai’s Japanese canvas is woven on a shuttle loom.

Shuttle looms are powerful and suitable for weaving a fluffy voluminous canvas. The selvedge on the canvas prevent the threads from fraying.

On the other hand, compared to shuttleless looms, shuttle looms require more manual labor by craftsmen and lack production efficiency, so many factories around the world use shuttleless looms for their high productivity.

On a different note, even for men’s clothing, fabrics made on shuttle looms are favored by tailors and others who are particular about their natural texture.


1050 canvas No.10

Waxed (paraffin-processed) No. 10 canvas. As you continue to use it, the fabric will become tougher, and you can enjoy the tasteful aging process.

Available in a variety of colors.

1200 Cotton canvas No.2 Glue Processing processing

Originally, it was used for belts in factories. This No. 2 canvas has a amazing durability.

It is quite rare to find No. 2 canvas in a variety of colors.

A special dyeing machine is used to dye even the core of the threads of the thick fabric.

2200 Cotton canvas No.11 glue Processing

Cotton canvas No. 11 with a glued finish that gives it a firm and resilient feel. It is the standard thinnest material in canvas, and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Because it is dyed with direct dyes, this material can express a vintage look through washer processing. A total of 50 colors are also available.

At the end

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