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Different type of braided cord: Can you name all of them (Part I)

Trimming cord/rope has many types and they each have their own name.

In this article, let’s walk through the names, the types of cords how to differentiate them from the others.

Spindle cord

Plain braided cord has a wide range of materials including polyester, acrylic, cotton, and rayon.

Some cords have reflective tape woven into them, and with the growing popularity of the sports wear.They are also often used for bag strings.

Edo braided Cord


This is a braided cord with the braiding method called “Edo-dachi” or “Yatsu-dachi” in Japanese.

Compared to spindle cords, the surface of this type is more uneven, and it is often used for drawstring cords and Japanese accessories.

In addition to polyester and rayon, pure silk cords are also available.

Pure silk Edo-striking cords are used for obijime of kimono because of the high quality and elegance of the natural material.

Twisted Cord


Hemp and rayon twisted cord

A cord made by twisting several cords into one. The rayon material is characterized by its luster and good coloring.

If the ends are left uncut, they will unravel, so end treatment is necessary, such as tying them together with thread or attaching cord ends.

It is also possible to process the ends by metal tipping (attaching metal to the ends) or by attaching heat-shrinkable tubing. (For details, see “What is metal tipping? )

When using it for products, etc., it may come off easily, so we recommend that you always make a prototype.

As a backstage technique, it can be used like a tassel by loosening the twists and tying them together with thread or the like.

Satin Cord


A cord with a fine-grained, glossy, and shiny texture. Thin cords are used for bracelet accessories.

Waxed cord

These cords have a wax coated surface and resemble leather cords.

The material used is often cotton coated with wax, which gives the cord both a shiny surface and softness.

They are used for shoelaces, accessories, bag drawstrings, etc. Thin, braided polyester cords are also available, and are used for hand-stitching leather.

Solid braid Cord


A cord with a twill-like surface and a hard, tight texture.

It is often made of cotton or hemp-rayon, and is often used for the button station of duffle coats.

Matsuba Cord


A cord that is thin like a pine needle and often used for the cord portion of straps, which does not stretch.

Also called strap cord.


How many types of cord above have you come across? Stay tunned for part II of the article!

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