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Color blurred: Different colors for the same color code

You ordered the same color number of fabrics, but the colors somehow come out different. This time, let’s talk about batch color blurring.

What is a fabric batch?

A batch refers to the time when a fabric or yarn product is dyed and produced.

In other words, the same batch means the same timing of production.

What is batch blurring?

Even if dyed in the same way, a batch color blurring can occur.

The reasons are as follows

The texture of the fabric itself (the material to be dyed) differs because the batch is different, and the way the dye is applied varies.

Changes due to the environment (season, temperature and humidity) at the time of dyeing.

Differences in the amount of dye and subtle blending of dyes during dyeing.

There are a wide variety of factors such as the amount of dye and subtle differences in dye blends during dyeing.

That is why sometimes different batches of fabrics cannot be dyed exactly the same color.

Is the color blurred considered as defective?

As mentioned above, batch blurring can occur even if you are careful.

Many manufacturers have their own standards for what is acceptable up to this point for a given color number.

If the color is within the manufacturer’s tolerance, even if the color is a little blurred, the product is considered to be an “A” grade product.

Therefore, it is not treated as a defect and cannot be replaced.

How to deal with color blurred

Batch color blurring is bound to occur, and the only way to deal with it is to think about how to deal with it.

Request at the time of order placement

If you really want the same batch within the same product part number, you can ask for it when you place an order! If this is the case, it may be possible to request shipment in the same batch by stating this when placing an order.

Some manufacturers may or may not be able to accommodate your request, but they may be able to ship the same batch.

It may be possible to order the same batch of fabric, but in the case of tape, it is not possible to order 25MM and 30MM in the same batch! is not possible. The batch size of dyeing is completely different depending on the size of the tape.

Use the same batch for one color when you use it.

Even if you make a request like the above, there are many cases where we cannot respond to your request due to lack of stock.

When newly dyed, it takes a very long time to deliver, so the delivery date cannot be met.

If this is the case, we have no choice but to deal with such problems. Let’s make sure to use the same batch dyed fabric for your garment.


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