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Beginner’s guide: Must known Japanese button manufacturers

Button manufacturers differ from each other in terms of features, so when looking for buttons, you will be able to know which sample book to look for depending on the item.

Also, you may find that you have a variety of sample books, but you did not know the name of the company, or that this manufacturer makes buttons like this. It is also possible to find out that this manufacturer also manufactures such buttons.

It is also a good idea to take the time to look at each manufacturer’s website.

It is also convenient to bookmark the addresses of manufacturers that have digital catalogs so that you can easily view their digital sample books.

Buttons and parts general manufacturer



Head office and factory : 554-1 Suehiro-cho, Ota-shi, Gunma

Iris carries  numerous items such as buttons and accessory parts.

Sample books of buttons and parts BYFL&VERGA Vol.16,Small Collection Vol.10,Parts&Buckle are in series.

You can see the digital sample book from Iris website.

You can also learn about button production by taking a tour of Iris main factory. Iris also operates a button museum.

Button Museum


Osaka Plastic Industry Co.


Head office 3-8-22 Katsuyama-kita, Ikuno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 544-0033, Japan

Osaka Plastic carries  a wide range of buttons and accessory parts.

Osaka Plastic has many kinds of ABS buttons, which are widely used for ladies’ JK and business uniform JK.

Osaka Plastic also has a wide variety of colors of Cecile buttons that can be used for baby clothes and amusement uniforms.

You can see a digital sample book from Osaka Plastic’s website.

Onda Button Sales Co.


7-4-12 Matsue, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 132-0025, Japan

Onda Button focuses mainly on ladies’ buttons.

There are many types of sample books, and many of them feature metal buttons and ABS buttons with patterns.

Many of Onda metal buttons and ABS buttons have fashionable shapes that other companies do not have.

Metal button manufacturer

Shimizu Kogyo


4-14-4 Imagawa, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, 546-0003, Japan

Shimizu Kogyo have been supporting sword makers, hairpin makers, polishers, and smoking pipe makers since the Edo period, and have applied their special techniques such as cloisonne ware, gold leaf, ivory, etc. to stationery, brooches, straps, accessories, tie pins, badges, buttons, buckles, etc. They are now handling tens of thousands of original products in small quantities and in many varieties. 

On the other hand, they are also making efforts for thorough rationalization in order to produce and provide products of public nature such as metal button rank insignia and badge cap badges for various government agencies at low prices.

Nagai Button Co.


2498 Kojima Yanagida-cho, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 711-0936

Their sample book The FAIN METAL series has become a standard. There is a good balance of both simple and elaborate patterns.

Inventory is often kept in pre-plated condition, and plating processing is done upon receipt of an order.

For plating processing only, delivery time is surprisingly fast and convenient.

In addition, we make embroidered patches, gold braid emblems, and silicon emblems of many types of emblems.

They also create tie pins, brooches, and other small items.

Resin Button Manufacturer

Nitto Button Co.


12-1 Nihonbashi Hakozaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0015, Japan

SCOTCH BUTTON Scotch Button sample books are famous for their urea resin and polyester buttons.

When a new sample book is released, the logo is the same, but the color of the cover changes each time. The color of the sample book determines whether it is old or new.

Kanase Co.


3520-13 Asago, Kamitonda-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama

Kanase carries buttons and acrylic materials. They are a button manufacturer that can consistently develop from materials to products.

Kanase was founded in 1919 to manufacture and sell shell buttons. Since then, for more than 90 years, they have been developing new materials and introducing innovative processing technologies, such as the production and development of plastic resin buttons, in anticipation of the needs of the times and fashion trends. Since then, with the addition of the growing business of acrylic sheet, known as “dream plastic,” they have continued to make strong strides toward lasting corporate development.

A sample book of buttons can be viewed from the company website.



Aya Button is a manufacturer of urea buttons.

It is also known as the sample book of giraffe buttons and giraffe marks.

The urea buttons made by this manufacturer come in many subdued colors and many shapes.

Buttons manufactured by AYA BUTTON KOGYO K.K. are inexpensive, sleek, and have outstanding strength.

These buttons are so durable and textured that even buttons on worn clothes make you feel attached to them and want to remove them, which is why they are favored by apparel and casual makers.

Crown Industries Co.

310 Matsuzuka, Yamatotakada, Nara 635-0001, Japan

Crown Industries Co. manufactures polyester, nylon, acrylic, combination buttons and ABS buttons.

Buttons are indispensable for fashion design. The variety is endless.

Crown Industries manufactures buttons in a system that allows us to respond quickly to customer requests while covering a wide range of button designs, sizes, colors, and materials according to the trends of the times.

All of their products are MADE IN JAPAN.

You can view the sample book MODA and SMALL BUTTON digital sample book from their website.

Shell button manufacturer



201 Karaiin, Kawanishi-cho, Isogi-gun, Nara 636-0204, Japan

Tomoi is a manufacturer specializing in shell buttons.

Since 1914, they have been producing various types of shell buttons and accessories such as Takase shell, black butterfly shell, white butterfly shell, brown butterfly shell, abalone, Mexican abalone, Akoya, freshwater shell, and turban shell.

Isamu Minamimoto Shoten Co.


370 Okuda, Yamatotakada, Nara 635-0052, Japan

Isamu Minamimoto is a manufacturer specializing in shell buttons

They have been manufacturing shell buttons exclusively since 1927

They carry various types of shell buttons and can give you your  desired size and shape.


There are general manufacturers who deal with many types of buttons, and there are also manufacturers who specialize in only shell buttons or only metal buttons.

Having many kinds of buttons will broaden your design range and make it more enjoyable.

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