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[2022AW] Sunwell’s newest sustainable fabric collection

The 2022 Autumn Winter collection is coming soon, this is the time when brands are working on their AW 2022 products.

Since sustainability is always in high demand, this time let’s take a look at the newest collection of environmentally friendly fabric from Sunwell. 

SUNWELL handles many trendy fabrics, a wide variety of colors, and earth-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton.

The new products presented here are especially environmentally friendly and sustainable fabrics.

They are divided into several series, and we would like to introduce them one by one!

RE;CONTACTHny® (Reconfy®) x Onybezi®.

RE;CONTACTHny® is a fabric using nylon yarns made from textile waste that is inevitably produced during production.

The recycled material usage rate is 100%! Onybezi® is a fabric with a gentle coloring characterized by the blending of naturally occurring dyes in some of its dyes.

Onybezi® is a trademark of Komatsu Material.

Using ingredients extracted from the outer skin of onions, materials such as chamomile and olive are used depending on the color, and dyed with gentle, naturally derived tints.

You might think that natural materials would not dye dyes on synthetic fibers, but Komatsu Matere has established a dyeing technology that allows natural ingredients to adhere.

Reconfy® is a trademark of SUNWELL.

Taslan nylon weather is thin but has a softer texture than paper taffeta.

It can be used for shirts, blouses, etc. for both women and men!

There are also many exquisite shades, including wine burgundy.

Reflax Eco® Series

Reflax Eco® is a linen-like fabric with a natural feel and dry texture like hemp.

By nature, linen wrinkles easily and must be ironed after washing.

This REFLUX is made of 100% polyester, so it can be used in the washing machine and does not wrinkle easily, so ironing is not necessary.

It is soft to the touch and has a crisp feel like linen.

It is made partly from upcycled raw materials such as plastic bottles and fiber scraps, making it an environmentally friendly fabric!

52326 Reflax® ECO Basket weave

This ECO basket weave has a rough weave with shading and expression on the surface of the fabric, and is very smooth to the touch. The colors are vivid and can be used widely from summer to late fall.

52316 Reflax® PBT Twill Stretch

Reflax® PBT Twill Stretch has a light, linen-like texture with a good stretch in both length and breadth. The twill has a fine grain and is sure to make for a beautiful item!

RE;NAPES series

RE;NAPES is a fabric made from ECOPET® yarn, which is recycled from used textile waste.

The most important feature of this fabric is its outstanding stretchability! The thread itself has a spiral structure like a spring, so it conforms to the body’s movements.

Even after repeated washing, it does not deteriorate easily and maintains its stretchiness and elasticity.

52317 RE;NAPES™ Pique Stretch

RE;NAPES™ Pique Stretch has a medium thickness, beautiful delicate vertical ridges, and excellent stretch.

This easy-care fabric is washable and requires no ironing, making it a great choice for pants and jackets.


Eventhough the fabrics above are made from recycled material, the quality is excellent .Not only sustainable but also functional fabrics are increasing, and it seems that the number of choices will expand more and more in the future.

What is your favorite sustainable fabric that you discovered recently? For more SUNWELL fabrics, please visit our SUNWELL Products List.        

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