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Waterproof zipper: YKK’s AQUA GUARD: All you need to know

There are many water-repellent and waterproof fabrics on the market.  But when it comes to full function waterproof, you can not skip the zipper part. 

Water can seep through regular zippers, so we would like to introduce a zipper with a waterproof function.

YKK Waterproof Zippers

YKK Waterproof Zippers include:



AQUA GUARD (Vislon and Coil)

The degree of waterproofing increases in the order of Proseal>Aquaseal>AquaGuard.

Pro-Seal zippers

This zipper is used in fields where airtightness is required, such as space suits, diver’s suits, chemical protective suits, and aircraft engine covers, due to its high water tightness and airtightness.

The resilient zipper tape, elements, and special slider maintain a completely watertight and airtight condition.

It is one of the most expensive zippers in the YKK zipper lineup, partly because of its high functionality, although you may not see this type of zipper in your daily life.

Aquaseal zipper

Aquaseal zippers are waterproof zippers used in wetsuits, bags, and waders (a long body covering up to the waist and chest worn when fishing). Although not completely waterproof, all 10 sizes have been tested for airtightness, so they are highly waterproof zippers.

AQUASEAL zipper is a VISLON zipper, but it has a special structure that has no gaps. The element tape is also rubber-like (not stretchable) and is floppy to the touch.

The only color available is black (C/#580), and the teeth sizes are 5 and 10.

The product is made to order and takes about 1-2 months to arrange, so please place your order well in advance of the delivery date.

What is AQUAGUARD zipper?

The most popular waterproof zipper is YKK’s AQUAGUARD zipper.

With the recent increase in demand for sports mix and outdoor activities, AquaGuard zippers are being used more and more for bags, clothing, etc.

The surface of the zipper tape is laminated with polyurethane film to provide water repellency.

As the name “waterproof” implies, there is no worry about water seeping into the zipper even if it gets wet.

AQUAGUARD has two types of zippers: VISLON zippers and Coil zippers.

AQUAGUARD Coil zippers are more popular, so let’s dive in!

What is AQUAGUARD Coil zipper?

There are three types of tapes: shinny,leather and matte. (Leather is available in size 5 only)

Shinny Type

Product code

For example, if you want to order 5 sizes, matte and closed end, the code is “5CNT10C”.

The coil part of a normal coil zipper will be on the front, but the standard specification of AQUAGUARD (coil) zipper is to use the back with the coil on the reverse side.

Color variations

The following 24 colors are available.

Except for the leather style (5CNT9), it is possible to order other colors, so please contact us if you have a specific color in mind.


Q.Are Aquaguard zippers in stock?

A.Only Black (Color 580) in stock in small quantities.

Therefore, we recommend that you place your order well in advance of the delivery date, as most of our products are manufactured at the YKK factory.

Q. Can I order zipper chains only ?

A. Yes, you can order zipper chains. We receive many orders, especially from customers who make bags and other items.

Q.I am in a rush for a sample! Can you ship immediately?

A. As mentioned above, we only have a small quantity of C/#580 (black) in stock.

In the case of assembling, the top stop will be silver metal.

In the case of factory production, the top stop will be resin of the same color as the tape element. (Not visible from the front).

Factory Production

Q.Can the attached bottom stop be removed?

A.Yes, it is possible. When sewing a zipper into a garment or a bag, it would be easier to sew if the bottom stop and the bug are removed. This is possible not only for AQUAGUARD zippers but also for other coil zippers.

The bottom stop is removed


Zippers are a small part of the items, but by adding functionality to this part, it improve the overall level of what you produce!

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