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Tape & Ribbon: Heat cutting and Scissors cutting

Tape & Ribbon: Heat cutting and Scissors cutting

If you have visited ApparelX before, you may come across a wide variety of tape, cord and ribbon selections. It may be confusing for first time buyers when it comes to cutting options.

In this article, let’s discuss the difference between heat cutting and scissors cutting, and how to order them smoothly on ApparelX

What is the difference between heat cutting and scissors cutting?

What is heat cutting?

Heat cutting is a method of cutting fabric by melting it with a high-temperature cutter. When cutting, the fabric melts and hardens again, which prevents the edges from unraveling. The heat cutting process can only be applied to chemical fibers such as polyester, which can be melted by heat. Natural fibers such as cotton, silk, rayon, etc. cannot be cut cleanly by heat cutting because they are not melted by heat but burnt.

What is scissors cutting?

As the name suggests, scissors cut is a method of cutting with scissors. It does not prevent fraying, but it can cut natural materials such as cotton, silk, and rayon, which heat cutting cannot do.

Place an order of heat cutting and scissors cutting

Here is how to order heat cutting and scissors cutting at ApparelX.

First, go to the product page of the item you want to cut.

Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the heat cut option.

Enter the quantity you want to cut in the “Quantity” section (if you want to heat cut 10 meters of product, enter 10).

Enter the length to be cut in the “Memo” section (Example 30cm).

If you would like to cut diagonally, please write it in the “Order remark’’ section or send us an image by e-mail, and we will cut it as you wish.

For scissors cutting, you can order in the same way as shown in the image below.

Note when ordering

For example, if you order the exact quantity, such as 1m x 30 rolls for 30m per roll, we may not be able to cut the exact quantity you ordered due to loss of product. If you order the exact quantity, we may not be able to cut it in the quantity you ordered.

In the case of heat cutting, it may be difficult to process the material neatly depending on its shape, even if it is a synthetic fiber material. If the material is a rope, it may come apart, and if the material is a bright color such as white, it may be burned. If there are any problems with the cutting process, we will contact you separately.


We hope this article gives you a better glance at heat cutting and scissor cutting when buying tape & ribbon. 

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