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Japanese manufacturer you should know: Inoue Ribbon & Telala Cord


Have you heard of Inoue Ribbon (Telala), one of the leading tape and ribbon manufacturers in Japan?

Inoue Ribbon offers a wide variety of ribbons, tapes, cords, and laces.

In this article, let’s walk through Inoue Ribbon’s products and their specialty.

Inoue Ribbon 

Inoue Ribbon Industry Co., Ltd. is a long-established ribbon and tape manufacturer headquartered in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture, and has been in business for more than 60 years.

As a manufacturer specializing in the production of narrow woven and knitted fabrics, with its original brand TELALA, Inoue Ribbon Kogyo conducts integrated production from design and design to production, dyeing, and secondary processing.

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What makes Inoue Ribbon stand out

In addition to basic ribbons, cords, and tapes, Inoue Ribbon also has products for innerwear, sportswear, apparel, wrapping, and industrial materials, which can be used in all fields.

They also offer various secondary processes such as printing, embossing, and heat cutting on ribbons and tapes, focus on the development of original products and handle many unique patented products.

Inoue Ribbon & Telala Cord Product 

Let’s  talk about Inoue Ribbon’s unique products that we can not miss!

7150 Soft Stretch Grosgrain

7150 ソフトストレッチグログラン[リボン・テープ・コード] Telala (井上リボン工業)

It is rare to find a grosgrain ribbon with stretch and 7150 has moderate stretch, so we recommend using it as a size tape for hats to fit curves or for trimming.

7552 Light silk grosgrain

7552 ライトシルクグログラン[リボン・テープ・コード] Telala (井上リボン工業)

This ribbon is made of silk, polyester, and nylon blend. This beautiful ribbon has the elegant luster and bounce that only natural silk can provide. It is available in a wide range of colors, from nuanced to chic.

4600- Air Mesh

4600-OFF Air Mesh[リボン・テープ・コード] Telala (井上リボン工業)

This tape is made of a mesh material, which is airy and cool to the touch. This tape is recommended for the waist of sportswear and under bras.

1760 High Grip Tape

1760 High Grip Tape[リボン・テープ・コード] Telala (井上リボン工業)

1760 High Grip Tape [Ribbon Tape Code] Telala (Inoue Ribbon Kogyo)

This tape has a rough, grippy surface with a texture of indescribably fine particles.

Made of “Nanofront,” an ultra-fine special polyester fiber with a nano-sized diameter developed by Teijin Frontier. 1760 also has stretchability, making it ideal for preventing slippage at the waist and other parts of innerwear that come in direct contact with the skin.

5501 Mesh Accordio

5501 メッシュアコーディオ[リボン・テープ・コード] Telala (井上リボン工業)

As the name suggests, this tape looks like an accordio. The mesh part has a flap, and the tape has ventilation with a rare design.

When used around the knees or hips of trousers, this unique tape expands in the width direction as the wearer moves.


Inoue Ribbon’s  ribbons and tapes have a wide variety from edgy design to the basic ones.Inoue Ribbon offers a wide variety of functional tapes that can be used for innerwear.

If you are looking for Inoue Ribbon’s products or Telala cord in particular, please visit Inoue Ribbon’s product page.

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